Having a solid and robust technology partner makes the difference

Having a solid and robust technology partner makes the difference
Having a solid and robust technology partner makes the difference

It is no secret to anyone that the economy of the society of Colombia and the Andean region have undergone profound changes in the last 18 months. The pandemic and its consequences had a great impact at all levels, but above all it required a transformation in the way that industries and companies of all sizes view corporate technology and interact with their consumers.

In this scenario, having a technological partner that is robust and financially secure can be an important differential to consider, especially in a market like the Andean one, which is highly fragmented and is still experiencing the initial phases of digital transformation.

But how does this solidity help a local business? A good example, seen widely during the pandemic, is the possibility of financial “help.” A large technology partner has the ability to compromise at some points in a negotiation with the client or extend payment terms without compromising the necessary deliveries and their operation.

In addition, a robust provider provides the peace of mind that it will not disappear from the market and leave the company unattended, without support or updates to the systems on offer. It may not seem like it, but this is one of the biggest problems reported by entrepreneurs in the region. All the investment made is lost.

A large technology company also has the differential of being able to keep up with the growth rate of small and medium-sized companies. In addition to offering support in times of financial difficulties, it has all the capacity to provide complete solutions for the business beyond ERP and back office, with business performance systems for production, logistics, sales and even artificial intelligence. All from a single provider and full integration.

Another advantage of having a solid partner is a much more dedicated and specialized support service. These are companies that have large and diverse customer service teams, which provide answers and resolution of problems quickly, and specialized professionals, with in-depth and specific knowledge for each type of request.

This situation, being the provider a true technological ally, which is on the side in all situations, provides more security and guarantees to companies in their process of implementation or expansion of digital transformation. The entrepreneur overcomes one of the main barriers to investing in technology, which is the fear of directing an important part of his budget to management solutions.

Therefore, when the Andean company has a solid and robust partner, the gains in the short, medium and long term are very visible and palpable. Digital transformation is no longer an option to stay strong in the market, but a requirement. And having the right partner is the key to success.

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