10 Best Moon Lamp (Floating Moon Lamp) Reviews in 2022

10 Best Moon Lamp (Floating Moon Lamp) Reviews in 2022
10 Best Moon Lamp (Floating Moon Lamp) Reviews in 2022

If you have been following the latest trends, you must have seen a new type of lamp appearing on almost every social media platform. These lamps are called moon lamps and they are the next best thing for home decoration. These are very unique compared to any other decorative lights you have seen so far. There are basic moon lamps that come with a stand where the bulb is shaped like the moon along with a texture that looks exactly like the moon seen from here.

The floating moon lamps, on the other hand, are much more spectacular as they come with an electromagnetic base that keeps the light levitating on top of the base and creates a beautiful illusion of a gravity-defying lamp showcased on your desk. Today, we are going to feature both of these lamps on our picks and also offer a variety of options for both. But before you check our choices, make sure you understand the factors mentioned here which you should know before buying one.

  • Size of The Lamp: As the moon lamps are perfectly spherical in shape, it gets a bit easier to get an idea about the size of each light. All you need to do is check the diameter of the light given with each of our choices and compare it with your location of installation. A larger light should be preferred as it offers more brightness. But, it also takes more space which might not be ideal for everyone.
  • Colour Modes: While a basic moon lamp will offer you a beautiful decorative aspect, a moon lamp with multiple colour options will further enhance the experience by allowing you to customize the lighting colour and effects according to your mood. Almost all of the choices on our list feature multiple colour modes which makes them a highly versatile option.
  • Power Type: The power type should also be considered while you are buying any kind of lamp. While some moon lamps present on our list are battery powered, some are powered by an electric cord. It slightly changes the application location as you will be needing a wall output or a USB port near the lamp which is operated with a cord

If you are looking for the best moon lamps or floating lamps to decorate your house, check our list of the best moon lamps provided here. We have shortlisted these options from hundreds of different options available in the market based on the properties mentioned above and some more. To know more about these lamps, check our “Buying Guide” provided later in the article.

We will begin our picks with one of the highest-selling options on the market right now produced by LOGROTATE. As this option is such a popular choice, you should definitely take a look as it might be perfect for you as well.

Coming in 1st place, we have the LOGROTATE Moon lamp. It is a basic moon lamp with a 4.8 inches bulb that rests on a designer stand. It is made with 3D printing so you will certainly get a perfectly spherical shaped lamp with closed sides. And to offer more decorative options, it also features 16 different colour modes which can be controlled via a dedicated remote control.

The remote control works within a range of 30 feet which allows you to control the light even from a different room. It is a battery-powered option that can be recharged directly via your computer, power bank or laptop via the USB connection. LOGROTATE also offers 24 x 7 support for their products so that you can always contact the brand to get technical support.

Best features

  • 8 inches diameter lamp size
  • Offers 16 different colour modes
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery
  • USB charging option
  • 24 x 6 technical support from the brand


  • The most popular option in the market right now
  • Comes with remote control with 30 feet range
  • Safe to use


  • Bulb size is smaller in comparison
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