EVIL EYE STORE ™ OFFICIAL – Evil Eye Jewelry & Wall Hanging Store

EVIL EYE STORE ™ OFFICIAL - Evil Eye Jewelry & Wall Hanging Store
EVIL EYE STORE ™ OFFICIAL – Evil Eye Jewelry & Wall Hanging Store

Evil Eye Jewelry & Wall Hanging Store

It is believed that is if someone stares/eyes one another with feelings of envy or jealousy it will send out bad luck. The most popular form of protection was the wearing and displaying of the evil eye talisman, wearing one can protect you and your loved ones from looks charged with envy and spite. As a protective barrier evil eye necklace or an evil eye bracelet was created to stare back at the eyes of harm. It is believed to mirror back the blue of the evil eye and thus mystify it. So, whether you’re very superstitious or just very stylish, here’s our pick of the most fashionable evil eye necklace to protect yourself.

Meaningful evil eye necklace and bracelet designs.

The desire for protection against the evil eye is nothing new. The Greeks and Romans believed that people who were praised too much or admired beyond what they deserved were given the evil eye and would become so full of pride that they would bring their own downfall; so people began wearing the evil eye necklace as a way to ward of negative looks. An evil eye is a talisman or amulet, designed in the shape of an eye, traditionally in the colors blue or green, that indicate spiritual protection. These talismans or evil eye “repellents” come in different shapes and forms as pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Or can be hanging in a glass bead form over the main door or entrance of someone’s home to keep the hearth protected. If an evil eye bead breaks or cracks, it means that the talisman has performed its duties and absorbed a bad eye, so it must be replaced immediately.

Growth in popularity of the evil eye jewelry

You can wear an evil eye necklace that is made to give you infinite power and positive energies when you get stuck and save you from persecution by evil forces. The Blue evil eye bead is an amulet that all Mediterranean people believe protects against the evil eye. It helps ward off all evil eyes from you and creates a protective shield against the evil spirits. If you just had a new child – Bought a new car- Built a new office building – Worried that your friends and others are filled with envy about your good fortune you should use a gold or sterling silver evil eye necklace or blue eye wall hanging to protect them against the evil eye. Blue eye beads can often be seen hanging from rear-view mirrors of cars, displayed near the door of a home or office, or worn as a good luck talisman on an evil eye bracelet.

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