Wang Yitai is the Future King of Chinese Hip Hop

Wang Yitai is the Future King of Chinese Hip Hop
Wang Yitai is the Future King of Chinese Hip Hop

Sichuan rapper Wang Yitai discovered his hip-hop talent by accident. A solid pianist in his early years, taking lessons for many years, it wasn’t until high school that the idea of ​​making rap music at a karaoke bar with friends became possible.

“I tried to rap an Eminem song and my friend was like, ‘Wow, you’re good at it. Thinking he could “rap”, he started writing the lyrics himself.

Currently, he is one of China’s most popular rappers and is a regular member of Chinese pop and hip-hop his stars such as Vava, Lexie Liu and Fat Shady. Legendary Sichuan rapper along with his team his CDC (Chengdu Rap House), appeared in various talent his shows (including The Rap of China, of course) and released his debut album Yan, Shuo, Jia (acted by The house.) was a success.

As a child, Wang (also known as Monica 3Ho) liked the music of Dr. Dre and 50 Cent, as well as Eminem. Around the same time that she was developing her taste for hip hop, the CDC was making a splash in the Chengdu music scene.

In high school, I first met a group closely related to China’s most famous rap group, The Higher Brothers. At the time, he had no ambition to be a rapper, but he was in awe of people like Tai. He said: I was still young at the time, so I didn’t try to make a career as a rapper. ”

Wow, I feel like there are a lot of [hip-hop] people in my city too.

Wang later moved to the United States and attended college, first at James Madison College in Virginia and then at Foothill College in California. By skipping classes and heading to the library to write raps and create mixtapes, she learned more about her craft. Her biggest lesson in the impact of her time in the United States was her newfound knowledge of how to use the Internet effectively. A forum to find beats, connect with like-minded people, and learn new music.

After dropping out of college, Wang returned to Chengdu and began performing with local artists. In one of her first shows, she performed with Maciway of The Higher Brothers, although at the time she was in a different group. But Tai soon asked her to join the CDC. The performer, whom he saw on stage before leaving for the United States, became one of the most famous rappers in China at the time.

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