NX1 Samsung Camera Firmware Update

NX1 Samsung Camera Firmware Update
NX1 Samsung Camera Firmware Update

Enhance the performance of your premium compact system camera with many upgraded features

Samsung Electronics has announced a firmware update for the NX1 Samsung camera, a premium compact system camera. The new firmware enhances and improves the capabilities of Samsung NX1 to allow you to work with higher accuracy and speed. The main improvements focus on movie features and controls, user interface, and wireless connectivity.

From beginners to experienced filmmakers, you’ll enjoy many enhancements to Movie Mode that provide a more professional shooting experience. Not only can the user adjust the audio level while recording the video, but also control the ISO and choose from two gamma modes with basic black level control and three brightness levels to give the look of the image. You can now have finer control. .. The autofocus control in movie mode has also been improved, allowing the user to choose from three autofocus speeds. The new continuous AF controls also help you focus on a moving subject while shooting.

The NX1 Samsung camera interface has also been updated to make it easier to navigate feature sets. Users can now set the ALE button to lock the focus and use manual focus in auto focus mode during recording. The customization user interface enhancements have many benefits, including changes to mobile phone and record buttons, changes to AF and ALE buttons, and command dial redirection to suit your needs.

The range of connectivity options available on the NX1 Samsung camera has expanded, allowing users to activate Bluetooth with a simple remote shutter release. To make your smart device faster and easier to use as a remote, this new feature can trigger the shutter and stop and start the video via Bluetooth instead of WIFi. Samsung NX1 also allows you to store multiple pairs of smart devices without having to re-register when moving between different devices, improving consistency and convenience.

Other updates include trap shots, which is an addition to Samsung camera popular auto shot mode. Users can now adjust the settings so that the camera automatically takes a picture when a moving object enters the line. PC connectivity over USB has become a reality for users of Samsung Remote Studio software, and developers can take advantage of Samsung’s Windows PC software development kit. That is, you have access to remote access and management software to Samsung NX1.

Firmware updates will be available at www.samsung.com in mid-January.

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