Install and Play Doom 3 on Mac [Works on Intel Mac]

Install and Play Doom 3 on Mac [Works on Intel Mac]
Install and Play Doom 3 on Mac [Works on Intel Mac]

Note: This quick tutorial doesn’t provide download links for Doom 3. All you get from this article is how to make Doom 3 work on your Intel-based Mac machine.

Talk about successful games and Doom 3 invariably makes it into the list. First made available to Windows, Doom 3 video game was later adapted for Mac OS X and Linux. Unfortunately, for reasons too many, Doom 3 and Intel Mac doesn’t go hand in hand.

But let that not disappoint you. Whether you are using iMac, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, you can still install and play Doom 3 on your Mac. A little effort from your side and you’ll earn yourself a working Doom 3 game, thanks to the nice folks out there.

Background: Doom 3 source code was made public a few days ago. And Fabien was able to come up with a solution to compile the source code successfully on Mac. After this was posted on Reddit, someone was able to recompile Doom 3 source on Xcode and has uploaded the binary DMG file.

As mentioned in the Reddit post, bugs exist and there is a lack of full-screen support, but that’s okay — Doom 3 is totally playable on Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard.

Download the binary DMG file.

Install Doom 3: The file you have downloaded is an application and not an installer. Assuming that you have already downloaded Doom 3 on your machine, follow this method (the PDF file to install is attached with the DMG file):

To install Doom 3 simply make a folder somewhere and place the Doom 3 application in there. Then copy the base folder from the Windows version of Doom 3 (either from the DVDs or from Steam’s steamapp -> common -> doom3 folders). Make sure you delete all configuration files from the base folder, otherwise things might not work properly.

Then just run the Doom 3 application to play the game.

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