Inside 016, a technological look at helping battered women

 Inside 016, a technological look at helping battered women
 Inside 016, a technological look at helping battered women

 That of 2022 is Associate in Nursing atypical 8M. it’s marked by reduced, non-existent or virtual acts. Given this denormalized situation, it’s price basic cognitive process pillars that stay intact within the face of the pandemic. the help service against gender violence 016 has been attending calls associated with this matter since 2007. During the worst of the pandemic, within the 1st weeks of strict confinement, calls to 016 skyrocketed.

 Compared to the previous year, in those weeks of 2020 the service attended to sixty one.56% additional requests . In total there have been eighteen,700 calls. the rise in volume might be addressed because of the team of twenty six individuals with skilled specialization in gender violence.

 According to the Ministry of Equality, the service is active twenty four hours each day to supply general data. Service will be provided in fifty three languages . though it takes place twenty four hours each day in Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque, Valencian, English, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Romanian and Bulgarian. Legal recommendation, associated with couple breakups and private and property effects, family conflicts, minors, criminal, labor, social insurance, immigration problems is provided from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., twelve months a year. Beyond a good human team, of these services ar supported by a phonephone and technological infrastructure , that manages the flow of calls, guarantees the responsibility of the lines and also the quality of phonephone communication.

The 016 service was born with the attribution of the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and for the data Society (currently the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures). This body indicated the conditions below that the service should be provided. On the one hand, it’s necessary for all operators . On the opposite hand, there’s Associate in Nursing operator that terminates the calls and Telefónica has been selected for this task since the start of the agreements.

 The Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure establishes that every one calls to 016 ar picked up by the selected operator. The operation is straightforward. For any decision made up of a telephone circuit or itinerant, the corresponding operator should deliver it to the amount at interconnection points determined by Telefónica . This ensures that the decision reaches the professionals of the 016 team. Guarantee the standard of 016 communications Special listing services, as well as 016, ar thought of a key part for public administrations to serve voters. Hence, they need Associate in Nursing infrastructure that prints strength and suppleness.

 The goal is to make sure that every one calls ar routed to their destination, even throughout peaks or surges in traffic. to form this potential, Telefónica offers a network situation with affiliation structures between exchanges, decision routing with overflow plans and a transmission network with redundancy . In this case, 016 is enforced through Telefónica’s Intelligent Network Platform . This makes use of package designed specifically in keeping with the wants of the service, supported the expertise accumulated altogether sorts of communications solutions.

This Intelligent Network encompasses a set of tools that enable the various parts of the technological answer to be supervised. during this method, it’s potential to act in real time within the event of any incident and so guarantee the availability of the service. In order to ensure the most effective potential operation of the Intelligent Network services, Telefónica encompasses a team of qualified personnel. they need exclusive dedication throughout high availableness hours . Its role is to observe and maintain the network. They do dynamic management tasks in real time, in such the way that the optimum performance of the network parts is ensured through The service provides help, by phonephone and on-line, not solely to ladies WHO ar victims of gender-based violence. it’s conjointly out there to those around you, yet on professionals seeking “information, recommendation and counsel on the rights, benefits, facilitate and resources for victims of gender-based violence and their kid victims; yet as on the place of provision of the rights, benefits, resources, emergency services, assistance, care, shelter, support and comprehensive recovery that ar additional applicable to the precise scenario raised by the one who makes the consultation”, in keeping with the Ministry of Equality to assume massive .

 From the Ministry of Equality they emphasize that a replacement tender extends the service “to all varieties of violence against ladies enclosed within the Stamboul Convention .” It condemns any observe against ladies, while not acceptive cultural traditions as a mitigating issue. Associate in Nursing extension to the phonephone attention of the atmosphere of ladies victims of abuse is taken into account. It is vital to denote that the confidentiality of the caller knowledge is bonded. No personal data is collected and conversations don’t seem to be recorded. within the same method, 016 leaves no trace on the phonephone bill . And this can be another of the aspects within which telecommunications intervene. Calls to the present variety ar filtered in such the way that they’re not mirrored within the list that’s sometimes offered. Of course, it’s a free variety and, as is typically remembered, it’s necessary to delete it from the decision history on the phone.


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