Gentry School Board OKs personnel changes

Gentry School Board OKs personnel changes
Gentry School Board OKs personnel changes

GENTRY — The Gentry School Board approved a long list of personnel changes in the district at its July 18 meeting.

Certified resignations approved included Lewis Roberts, Jaci Smith, Lauren Sands, Melinda Montgomery, Savannah Lyons, Sammie Cunningham and Justin Ledbetter.

Classified resignations included Kim Stewart, Pamlia Cox and Haven Bolerjack.

Classified hirings included Sabrina Truman, intermediate school paraprofessional; Alexa Marin, primary school special education paraprofessional; AND Susan DeGroot, special education paraprofessional.

Thomas Clement was transferred to the middle school to teach eighth grade English.

Certified hirings included Jeremy Schopper, middle school ALE; Lorrie Xaiyasang, primary school; Anna Sarratt, one-year contract to teach at the intermediate school; Lindsey Pearson, a speech-language pathologist in the Gentry and Decatur school districts; Henry Lowman, high school math; Bailey McAbee, primary school one-year contract; John “Caleb” Lowdermilk, high school social studies; Angela Bland, primary school teacher; LeAnna Floyd, high school English; Holly Parnell, intermediate school teacher; Darby McGee, high school math; and Gabrielle Johnson, medical professions/science.

Shelby Ellison was given a stipend to be the assistant junior girls and assistant high school track coach.

Jason Barrett, the district’s transportation and maintenance director, reported that all 11 units of the new portable classroom had arrived and work was underway to get the classroom facility set up and ready for the new school year. He said the electrical work was finished and the plumbing work was underway last week. He said the floors would be waxed and cured and then the furniture would be moved in. He called the building a nice addition to the school facilities.

The board requested a walk-through of the new classroom facility prior to the August board meeting.

Barrett said the HVAC project for the high school and middle school gymnasiums was moving forward with drawings being reviewed and advertising for bids to go out this week.

Terrie Metz, district superintendent, reported a balance in the district’s checking account of $2.8 million.

Victoria Groomer, primary school principal, told the board she had applied for a Blue and You grant of nearly $150,000 to purchase sensory playground equipment. She said the district would learn if it will receive the grant funds in November.

Board member Jim Barnes expressed the board’s gratitude to Flintco for all of the assistance it has provided to the district.

In other business, the board approved tuition/purchased service agreements with Ozark Guidance Center, Structured Learning Environment and with Ed Examiner.

Changes to the handbook removing corporal punishment were also approved.

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