Features to Look For in a Site for AFL Premiership Betting

 Features to Look For in a Site for AFL Premiership Betting
 Features to Look For in a Site for AFL Premiership Betting

The famous Australian Football League, also known as AFL, is one of Australia’s leading professional sports games. Often known as Aussie Rules, betting on the AFL has become a favourite of fans and punters.

The AFL premiership has drawn much attention in the betting market, and if you are new to this site, you must be well-versed with the game. Comprised of 18 teams, AFL this season is divided into 23 rounds.

Each team battles it out to reach the season finale, and as a bettor, you should develop the knack for picking the team that performs the best. More importantly, you must pick the best app or platform that fulfils your betting needs.

So, here are a few features you must consider while looking for an AFL premiership betting site

Betting Odds

Betting on AFL premiership should be rewarding, without a doubt. Due to a sea of ​​options available for AFL betting sites, you may want to consider the platform that offers the best odds.

Experienced rookies may have the upper hand in understanding which website gives more value on betting odds.

You can sign up on different betting platforms to avoid missing out on the best odds if you are a beginner.

Comparing different platforms will allow you to understand which site offers you the best deals that will help maximise your profits.


Betting on the AFL premiership site should be 100% safe for all bettors. Moreover, each of these platforms should be legal and have a proper license to run in Australia.

Backed with a license from Northern Territory Racing Commission or any other authority is needed to ensure safety and security.

Few websites even have specific security tools such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology for added safety for the rookies.

AFL Live Streaming

AFL matches are generally broadcast live across Australian channels, for example, Fox and Channel Seven. Watching the game live on TV will allow you to understand the game and pick your favourite team.

However, if you wish to watch the game and bet simultaneously, you will have to sign up on the website that has the provision to do so.

Few bookies of AFL premiership matches offer the live streaming of the game to make your betting process more accessible and more accurate.

Different Types of Betting

Each AFL game has varied betting choices designed for each game and season. When betting on an AFL site, you must consider the different betting categories offered to you as a punter.

This feature will improve your odds and chances and chances of winning more than ever. Here are a few betting types you must be aware of:

• Head-to-head: Here, you can pick the winner of the game

• Margin Bets: Pick a side to win

• Handicap: Pick a winner based on the plus or minus handicap

Promotions and Offers

Few AFL sites may provide either generic offers or Aussie Rules promotions. Pick the site where bookies offer you unique promos like cashback, free bets, bonuses, etc.

Final Thoughts

AFL Premiership is an exciting game everyone looks forward to in Australia. Due to its popularity, multiple sites have emerged that meet your betting needs.


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