Endy Rodriguez: Athleticism Showing With On Fly Learning At Second

Endy Rodriguez: Athleticism Showing With On Fly Learning At Second
Endy Rodriguez: Athleticism Showing With On Fly Learning At Second


This year, the Pittsburgh Pirates have focused on increasing “positional flexibility” throughout the system.

One player that immediately comes to mind is Rodriguez. Last year, Rodriguez managed to move over the boards to various positions, along with first base and left field.

Entering 2022 with City, Endy Rodriguez hoped to introduce another position to his repertoire: second baseman.

“I’m trying to get this from a teammate who previously ran for a post at the World Health Organization,” Rodriguez told Pirates Prospect via an interpreter. “I am aware of small movements, put my foot in the right position and try to be in a smart position to catch the ball.”

If you watch some of the videos provided to Rodriguez at second base, you can immediately see that he was talking about correct foot position. His strength allows him to chase the ball and score squares on it, and this concentration creates a powerful shot for him.

Touch each combination of Rodriguez in the video, start playing baseball, turn first and throw to complete the combination, cross to the other side of the bag and balance the ball. Break it and drop it. It was a jump, but he put it ahead of infielder Matt Gorse. The World Health Organization did not understand the ball and gave it a miss in the game.

During the season, Rodriguez played 54 innings, for a total of 30 innings to make two errors. It is in close proximity to four double slopes together, some of which are shown in the video.

Rodriguez is the second baseman who most enjoys all the positions he is currently in.

“It’s easier to check the ball and make a normal play than it is to catch it,” Rodriguez said when he was at second base. “Some parts of the ground are less aware that the ball is away from the bat wherever it moves, whether the ball is hitting right or left.”

As a former wide receiver, it’s probably no surprise that he enjoys the position that keeps him in the game.

“On baseball fields, you can see them hit the ball on the ground. You are ready to know where the ball is going, so go ahead and get the ball to create a game. I’m in a good position.” “Rodriguez himself.

Since Henry Davis is now in Altoona, Rodriguez’s attention may return to the receiver. In the limited time he spent at second base, there was a growing feeling in the organization that he could handle second base.

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