Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth? How to Check

Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth? How to Check
Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth? How to Check

Modern TVs have been using Bluetooth to connect wireless speakers and headphones for some time now. The built-in BT module on your TV facilitates the connection with any Bluetooth enabled devices without the need for separate devices or applications.

Earlier, the Bluetooth module was incorporated into the flagship models only. But with the growing demand of the market and the introduction of Bluetooth speakers and headphones, most of the smart TVs today come with Bluetooth if not all.

In most cases, if your TV has Wi-Fi and streaming capabilities, it should have Bluetooth support too. But this is a general assumption and you need to verify the presence of Bluetooth manually.

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How to Check Bluetooth on Your TV?

There are multiple ways you can check the existence of Bluetooth on your TV. We have discussed some of the methods below.Check if there is a Bluetooth logo on the package box of your TV.Search for a Bluetooth label on the rear or side panel of the TV.Check if your TV remote has a Bluetooth symbol or a button.See the specifications sections in the user manual of your TV.If you know the model number and version of your TV, you can also easily surf the TV manufacturer’s website to see the specifications.Bluetooth is by default enabled on smart TVs. So, you can simply open Bluetooth settings on your smartphone and scan the devices. If your TV shows up, you can confirm there is Bluetooth on your TV.

Besides, you can check the functionality from the TV settings itself. Below is a step-by-step process to check Bluetooth function on different TV manufacturers.

On Android TV

TVs that run over Android OS have pretty similar interfaces across all the TV brands. You can go through the steps mentioned below to check Bluetooth on them.

  1. Open Settings from the home screen of your Android TV.
  2. Select Remote & Accessories.
  3. Tap Pair remote or accessory.
  4. If the TV shows a Bluetooth logo and starts searching for devices, you can confirm your TV has Bluetooth.

On Samsung TV

If your Samsung TV runs over Tizen OS and has a smart voice remote, you can confirm it has Bluetooth. Besides, you can follow these steps to check it.

  1. Open Source menu from the lower left corner of Samsung TV’s home screen.
  2. Choose Connection Guide.
  3. You will see a Bluetooth option if present.
  4. Alternatively, open Settings Sound.
  5. Tap Sound Output.
  6. If the TV shows Bluetooth Audio option, your TV has Bluetooth.


LG has been using webOS since 2013. You can easily go through the sound settings on the webOS interface to verify the presence of Bluetooth. Similarly, if your LG TV came with an LG magic remote, you can verify the presence of Bluetooth without further investigation.

  1. Open All Settings from the home screen of your LG TV.
  2. Tap Sound and choose Sound Out.
  3. You will see the LG Sound Sync / Bluetooth option if your TV has Bluetooth enabled.

Tip: Streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick and Chromecast have built-in Bluetooth functionality. You can use any of them if your TV doesn’t have an integrated Bluetooth feature. Or, you may also purchase an external Bluetooth dongle and use it.

Can You Turn off Bluetooth on Your TV?

Most TVs do not have the option to disable Bluetooth. Because of this, sometimes the nearby Bluetooth devices can send abrupt pairing requests and interrupt you from watching the TV. You may go through the TV settings and check if there is an option to turn off Bluetooth. Otherwise, you can switch it off through the TV’s service menu.

However, we don’t recommend tinkering with the service menu. It will void the warranty of your TV. Moreover, if you misconfigure any settings, the TV might stop functioning.

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