YouTube Filters is Not Working?

YouTube Filters

YouTube uploads millions of videos every day, making it difficult to find the right video. YouTube offers a filter option to its search which allows users to search for the video they desire according their preferences.

Sometimes, however, YouTube filters won’t work. Many people have problems with youtube time filter not working. This article will give you a detailed overview of YouTube filters and explain why they don’t work.

What are YouTube filters?

YouTube search filters are attributes that can be added to the YouTube search toolbar. They allow you to narrow down your search criteria. The YouTube search filters allow you to narrow down your search and locate the video that interests you.

These search filters are just like any other search filter. You can filter your YouTube search by length, upload date, quality, type and other video features such as ‘having subtitles’ or ‘location’. YouTube’s search filter allows you to sort the videos by relevance, rating, and view count.

These appear right below the search bar when you type your query or keyword on YouTube search.

YouTube filters don’t work – why?

You may notice that YouTube’s search results have been filtered to show only certain videos. Unfiltered searches will show all videos matching your search keywords. You can find older YouTube videos as well as less-popular YouTube videos by removing any filter. This allows you to choose the videos you want, without having to input any other input.

YouTube filters won’t work on your device for two reasons. These are:

  • YouTube policies
  • Cached data on your device

YouTube policies

YouTube updates its content policies frequently. YouTube’s upload guidelines are constantly updated to reduce violent content, racist videos and other inappropriate videos.

YouTube’s search filters are also not working when trying to remove such contents. YouTube took its search filters due to the New Zealand shootings of 2019. This is a great example.

YouTube will remove inappropriate videos as they are added to the platform. Sometimes, YouTube will also remove search filters that prevent searches for such videos.

Cached data on your device

YouTube filters may not work if you have too much cached data. After you use YouTube for a while, your browser or the YouTube app will save the cached data.

Sometimes, cache data can cause problems with search results. This can lead to YouTube filters not working or showing incorrect results. This happens when your cache data is not deleted for a while.

How to Solve?

  • You must log out and out from any YouTube account that you’re using. The account might have automatic filter-based settings . Logging out will allow you to return to your default YouTube search results.
  • Scroll down to the homepage of YouTube. Then click on the “Safety: On” button. Select”Off”. Select the “Off” selection and click on the “Save” icon. Then YouTube doesn’t block any content that’s considered an appropriate.
  • Search for the video. When you search in the search box the filters of any automated system will be applied following the search term. For instance, if you are searching “Funny Dog Videos,” filters for videos lasting more that 20 mins will contain”long. “long” following the search phrase. You can remove the word “long” in order to clear the results of your search.
  • Make use of a proxy sever in order to access unfiltered YouTube when you’re connected to the network of your workplace or school. The most common examples are vTunnel, bTunnel and (see the Resources). Enter “” into the main URL field on the web page of the proxy site. Click “Connect” to open the “Connect” link. The unfiltered, standard version of YouTube is displayed onto the display.


YouTube filters can help you narrow down the video search results. You can search the YouTube videos to your heart’s delight. And find the one that you want by solving the problem of YouTube filters not working. I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them below in the comments section.

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