Why iPhone Can’t Connect to the Internet

Why iPhone Can't Connect to the Internet
Why iPhone Can’t Connect to the Internet

Reasons for poor internet access on iphone x here are usually incorrect settings, mechanical problems and other malfunctions. Before you bring your smartphone to a service center, you should check everything yourself, perhaps the problem will resolve itself.

Sign of internet problems

The Internet stopped working for several reasons:

No Internet access via LTE, 3G or Wi-Fi. The network is down, it cannot work properly and the page cannot be opened. Tethering not activated – You cannot use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

If the iPhone 10 has such signs, simple operations are needed that can help:

Restart your gadget. Activate flight mode and return to normal mode.
When a system error occurs that causes the mobile Internet to stop working, the problem may lie in the hardware, software, and settings.

Ways to identify the problem

Any user is accustomed to using wireless networks or mobile Internet, his iPhone is always online. However, if the device stops capturing the network, it can be frustrating. In this case, you need to try to determine the problem yourself.

The fact is that, unlike other connection methods, mobile communication problems are easy to identify. It is enough to understand the main indicators indicating malfunctions:

When the mobile Internet is intermittent or cannot work at all when the 3G or 4G icon is on;

Unable to connect to wireless network;

You cannot enable tethering on the device.

In most cases, the problem with the mobile network is no data transfer, but the connection icon is active. In this case, this may be the cause of the failure. To fix this, simply restart the gadget. Alternatively, you can try activating “Airplane Mode” and turn it off after a few seconds. If the issue is still not resolved, you need to change your network settings.

Mobile phones often stop loading pages due to carrier issues. In this case, it is more difficult to identify them than the technical problems of the phone.

Why 3G doesn’t work on iPhone

The network cannot be covered normally
. Overview and configuration of the D-Link Dir-320 modem
According to the experience of most users, the most common reason for mobile Internet failure on the iPhone is precisely the technical problem of the mobile operator. Few people know why this is happening, so subscribers can only wait for the troubleshooting.

You can try to solve this problem in the following way:

Check with your carrier for settings such as username and APN. You can do this on the official website or by calling technical support.

Open your gadget settings.

Find and select “Cellular Network” in it.

Open the Data Transfer tab.

Enter the desired value.

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