What makes men feel weaker in their early 30s?

What makes men feel weaker in their early 30s?
What makes men feel weaker in their early 30s?

Feeling tired while still being young probably in your 30s? well, many men these days have the same problems. While the human body is bound to get tired due to extreme physical activity, or being under stressful conditions for a long time, having symptoms of tiredness and feeling fatigued each day is a lot more different and complex thing.

It may be due to various reasons. it could be due to any existing disorder that you do not have a clue about, it could be the effect of certain medicines such as Cenforce 200 mg or it may be the consequence of your poor lifestyle habits and addiction issues.

And in case you belong to the same category then this article is the right place to read about the probable reasons. not to worry though as we have got you covered up as well. In this article, we have brought on some simple strategies that you can use to recharge and revitalize your body and get rid of your tiredness.

 We will first begin with finding the reasons for your tiredness and then give you the possible remedies to come out of this situation. So let’s begin…

Possible reasons for tiredness

Drinking too much alcohol

One of the prime reasons for you feeling extremely tired, drowsy, or fatigued includes your long-term addictions to alcohol. While alcohol makes you feel high but the length in the long term it can make your body feel weak. According to research most men who are prone to taking high amounts of alcohol to suffer from bouts of weakness, and tiredness.

The reason for this is the eventual hormonal imbalance or lack of nutrients in your body, and even the severe damage to critical organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys, and brain the long-term effects of alcohol are upbringing.


The lack of water in your body can certainly make you feel tired. While the simple remedies include having water severe dehydration may not be curable that faster. For a man who is suffering from dehydration, mineral imbalance may cause weakness, numbness in the hands and feet, severe tiredness, hallucinations, and so on.

To get out of this situation men may need to take rehydration solution or saline water and be under medical supervision for a few days. Not to mention that scientists think that long-term dehydration can also cause you further health complexities forcing you to use pills such as Cenforce 100and Vidalista 20.

The narcotics effect

Just like alcohol taking in drugs and other narcotic substances such as marijuana and cocaine for a long time can also make you feel tired. It is due to taking in cocaine and other addictive substances that you may experience tiredness along with laziness, fatigue, drowsiness, numbness, and hallucinations.

According to experts, there are two reasons for it. the first one is that the long-term effects of drugs on your body can impair the brain and its functioning due to which you may feel tired. The second one is those years of drug addiction can cause nerve disorders that cause tissues in your body to feel tired due to a lack of oxygen in the cells. it is needless to say that drug addict men may also need to take pills like Vidalsita 60 due to sexual issues.


Suffering from stress and depression over the years is going to take a general toll on your body. Due to this eventually, a person may feel tiredness and laziness. Being under stress for a long time causes the brain cells to overwork and eventually, they suffer from a lack of oxygen. Water balance within the neuron cells also depreciates which can cause effects such as hallucinations.


It is one of the more obvious and logical outcomes of feeling tired. Malnutrition in men can occur at any age be it in your 30s or when you are a child or even when you are old enough. Malnutrition causes deficiencies in various nutrients. over time this is visible in the terms of experiencing weakness and being tired more often.

The effects of some drugs

There is no doubt that tiredness and weakness may also come up as a general side effect of having various types of pills. pills for curing nerve disorders, sleep, curing stress, and anxiety, or even some antibacterial and antiviral pills may make you feel lazy or tired.

How to get rid of tiredness?

Ideally, if you experience tiredness each day and have doubts about it ideally, you should visit the doctor. The best homely remedies for stress include intake of a balanced diet, taking dietary supplements, increasing your carbs intake, taking dry fruits because they are rich in energy, and taking food items that are rich in glucose. You should also do exercises to strengthen your body and take plenty of water. 

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