What Is Victoria Caro?

What Is Victoria Caro?
What Is Victoria Caro?

Victoria caro “Tori” Joy Caro (Born on February 19, 2001 is an actress and dancer. She is the assistant choreographer in Julie and the Phantoms. She portrays Kayla and an unnamed Ghost that wears a Blue and Purple Flapper dress at the Hollywood Ghost Club in Julie and the Phantoms.


Victoria Joy Caro, commonly known as Tori Caro, was born on February 19, 2001 and grew up in San Diego, California. Caro has one younger sister.

Caro had been competitively dancing for most of her youth. During her last year in the competitive dance world, she won the Radix Core Performer Winner. After winning this title, she had the ability to go around to every city in her age group and assist the dance instructors with their work. Her prior choreographic experience was for dance convention/competition live stage performances.


At some point before 2019, Caro met choreographer Paul Becker, who acted as a mentor in television dance choreography. Tori assisted Paul as a dancer for about a year and then was invited to join him for a Toyota commercial when she was just sixteen.[2]

The Toyota project was the first time that Tori had ever been part of a real choreography project.

“On film day, Paul had a family emergency and asked me if there was any way I could cover for him,” Caro recounts. “So I just followed all of the things Paul told me to do. I kept reading the director’s mind and thinking of what he would ask for. I made choreography patterns fit the frame better—and Paul was happy with it!”

Caro has worked as an assistant choreographer on the Kissing Booth 2.

When she was 18 years old, Caro had the opportunity to join a Las Vegas Residency Tour for a reportedly huge artist[3], however, Caro turned the opportunity down in hopes of getting the job on Julie and the Phantoms. She originally auditioned for the role of Carrie Wilson, but ended up being chosen to be Kayla, one of Carrie’s friends and Miss Purple[4] in Dirty Candy.

Since Tori has worked for Paul as a co-choreographer, when Julie and the Phantoms began, Paul pitched to director and executive producer Kenny Ortega that Tori should work on the set with them. Although Kenny had already decided who he wanted on his choreography team, he ended up giving Tori a shot. Through this experience, Tori got a taste of what life was like behind the camera:

“I was able to help Kenny with all of his dailys, go through editing and assist him and Paul with whatever they needed for directing,” Tori explains. “I was on set every single day. “

This isn’t the first time Caro has worked with Ortega, however. She was a dancer in the Lake of Dreams projection show featured at Wynn Las Vegas, which premiered in 2020. This project is also when Caro met Soyon An, costume designer of Julie and the Phantoms.

At some point, Caro worked with Now United, a global pop group made up of young people based in Los Angeles, California.[3]


  • Bright as Kayla
  • Flying Solo as Kayla
  • I Got the Music as a Dancer
  • The Other Side of Hollywood as a Dancer
  • Finally Free as Kayla


  • She mention in a interview that her favorite color is Purple.[6]
  • She is Filipino American.
  • She missed her sophomore Homecoming Dance to dance at a Janet Jackson concert.
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