What Is The Difference Between Brother Ink Cartridges And Brother Toner Cartridges?

What Is The Difference Between Brother Ink Cartridges And Brother Toner Cartridges?
What Is The Difference Between Brother Ink Cartridges And Brother Toner Cartridges?

Ink and toner cartridge, both vary from physical size and weight. The main difference is that ink comes in liquid form and toner in powder. Both are good to print text documents. But, if you need to print images ink cartridges are the superior choice for crisp and sharper images. Brother toner cartridges are known for faster results especially in offices where quick results are required in meetings for best quality print results. 

Let’s know more about ink and toner cartridges to choose your Brother cartridge. We have also highlighted the strength and weakness of both cartridges: 

Difference Between Ink And Toner


Ink cartridges come in dye and pigment two forms. Both solve the same purpose but vary from output quality. Dye-based ink cartridges are more popular than pigment-based due to economic nature. A text printing firm or home printer choose dye-based ink for regular purpose use. Dye-based ink cartridges capabilities for creating realistic and vibrant colors in photographs and prints.

The main drawback of dye-based inks is that they are not waterproof and get evaporated in the sun or when comes in contact with water. Its results are not permanent and can easily vanish after 20-25years of printing

On the other side, pigment ink, highly recommended by Graphic designers and professional photographers that need sharper and lasting results. This color is water and UV rays resistant. Therefore you can easily keep the printed document for more than 20 decades. These also help you to achieve the best-printed image quality. 


Laser printer cartridges come in a black powdery form that does not smear or stain like ink cartridges. These are created from the latest technology and deliver high output with least toner usage. Therefore, these cartridges are known for superior quality text documents over ink cartridges. But if you are using a colored laser printer, you will need at least four-color laser printer toner cartridges – black, purple, cyan and yellow. The blend of all prints best quality results on the sheet. You can check brother tn760 toner.

How do toner cartridges work?

Laser printer cartridges come in a drum kit that helps in printing pages. Without a drum kit, you cannot print pages. The kit involves number units like Magnetic Developer Roller, Doctor Blade, Sealing Blade, Organic Photoconductor, Primary Charge Roller, Organic Photoconductor Wiper Blade. When you give printer command it starts melting toner power with electric rays and print cycle results for printing pages. It seems a quick process but lots of technical labor is involved in creating this unique piece of device.

In every laser printer cartridge, this kit comes in an in-built function. Where you need not worry about replacing it throughout life. Replacing the cartridge means you have replaced the whole kit. Keep in mind, if you but drum only, you will need to replace the kit after 4-5 toner cartridge replacement. This will improve your printer performance and deliver standard quality results. 

If you buy the drum unit separately as a unit, you will have to replace it after three to four toner cartridge changes.

Ink or Toner: Which is Better?

To know which of these is better, let’s know about the pros and cons of both ink and toner printer cartridges. You can easily contrast what suits you:

Ink Cartridges Pros

  • It is cheaper: Inkjet printers are cheaper than laser printers cartridges. Lower ink price is another factor for choosing an inkjet printer by users. If you make proper online searches you can easily find great deals on Brother ink cartridges than other toner cartridges. 
  • Prints do not smear easily as a toner: The brighter side of using ink cartridge is that if you five enough time to dry it. They will never smear like toner cartridge. Just you need to choose the right paper and have enough time to dry conveniently.
  • Ink Cartridges are easily replaceable: Ink cartridges are economical. Therefore one can easily replace own his own. Even if you found some difficulty, you can take assistance from videos on the internet.

Ink Cartridges Cons

  • Ink Has Less Print Volume: Because of the Liquid nature of ink, it runs out frequently than laser printer cartridges. Therefore, the user needs to keep an extra stock of cartridge in-store every time. This is the biggest problem for every ink cartridge printer user. And as the initial cost of the printer is less, the rest money is recovered from ink cartridges by OEM. 
  • Ink Cartridges Are Easily Clogged: This is one of the biggest troubles faced by all inkjet printers. Due to the liquid thick property of ink cartridges, these get easily clogged on printer cartridge nozzle. That results in printing difficulty. If you print more documents, you need to organize a weekly printer cleaning function. Same with occasional printer users. They need to clean the printhead before printing. 

Toner Cartridges Pros

  • High Printing Speed: Laser printers are always known for high printing speed compared to inkjet printers. This is a tried and tested technique too. You can get print almost in a short time than inkjet printers. Also, laser printers take less time to start printing the first page. You can print immediately within 25-30 seconds for the first page whereas inkjet takes 1 to 2 minutes to warm up. You may also have observed microscopic droplets of ink cartridge on printed sheets that are not present on laser printer cartridges. And these cartridges match the complete accuracy of a given command. 
  • Better Image Quality: Advanced laser printers and cartridges are known for high-quality image results compared to traditional printers. You can compare these results of these cartridges and hardly find differences from the quality aspect. Just you need to choose original cartridges like brother toner cartridges or similar brands only. This may boost your budget but surely gives you the best quality printed documents. 
  • Lasts Longer Results: When you compare a laser printer with an inkjet printer of a similar model, the laser printer will print many more pages in the long run than an inkjet printer. It is faster and also works fundamentally different than an inkjet printer. It also can pump out unused toner and reuse it. whereas, Inkjet printers waste ink.

Toner Cartridges Cons

  • Refilling Can Creates Mess All Over: Toner cartridges are a bad choice when things come for refilling. These can create a mess all over the paper if you are unable to handle it successfully. Therefore, 100% of attention is a primary factor.
  • Replacement of Cartridge and Printer is Expensive: Toner Cartridge is a much more expensive choice than a laser printer. It indicates you need to spend more money and time refilling. In the same way, the acquisition cost of a laser printer is also higher than inkjet printers. 

Hope the above difference makes all your doubt cleared about ink and toner cartridge. Now you can easily decide which printer you want to buy to continue using the Brother printer cartridge. 

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