Welcome to the most avant-garde and technological LaLiga in the history of football

Welcome to the most avant-garde and technological LaLiga in the history of football
Welcome to the most avant-garde and technological LaLiga in the history of football

  Several technological advances have starred in the start of LaLiga. The VAR and the GPS devices will ensure that the regulations are followed. In addition, the broadcast of the matches will be more complete thanks to audiovisual advances.

Soccer has become a total entertainment event. The beautiful game, practiced by around 265 million people around the world, according to FIFA , has had to renew itself and adapt to new technologies and digitization . It is a sport that moves masses and enormous amounts of money, so it cannot afford to be left behind by technological advances and the new audiovisual landscape. A clear example of all this transformation has been LaLiga , one of the most watched competitions worldwide and which has been renewed both on and off the pitch.

Modern football, characterized by a fast-paced and electrifying game, has been making life difficult for referees in recent years. However, technology has come to his rescue to become his faithful ally. Now, thanks to sophisticated devices, the matches will be fairer and the regulations will be strictly adhered to.

The technological flag of LaLiga for the 2018/19 season . All the leagues were including this video assistance system , and the Spanish competition was not going to be less. The referees will have a team of referees behind them who will be able to see all the controversial actions of the match repeated. In direct contact with the central referee, the assistants will correct the erroneous decisions and help from the operations center

Four tenths of a second, that’s how long it takes for the cameras installed in the goal to notify the referee that the ball has crossed the goal line. Now there are no mistakes. Thanks to some sensors, the referees will have no doubt if it has been a goal or not. This goal line technology (GLT) was already used in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil .

In addition, the technology allows a video signal to be sent to televisions or even to the screens installed inside the stadium so that the repetition can be seen. A software, like the hawk eye in tennis, draws a red line and shows with pinpoint accuracy by how much the line has been exceeded.

Not everything was going to be to help the referees. Coaches, trainers and players also use technology to get the most out of training and games. Now, each player has personalized chips in their boots to know how many kilometers they have covered in each game and to see their position on the pitch.

Coaches can see how they can improve team tactics and correct strategy for matches. In addition, thanks to some bibs with chips and sensors, the coaching staff can closely monitor the health and fitness of the players. These meters provide data as valuable as heart rate

The mythical notebook of the coaches has already become outdated. Now the trainings are recorded and analyzed with different computer programs that later generate valuable reports that the technicians can use to manage the equipment

Unlike what happens in the stadium, you won’t miss a thing if you watch the game from home. The viewer now has at his disposal a complex and avant-garde broadcast thanks to a series of technology that turns a simple meeting into a whole show. You can’t imagine how much the making of a football match has evolved in the last decade.

For the next three seasons, the broadcast of LaLiga and LaLiga 123 will be carried out by Movistar + , which acquired the broadcasting rights in the middle of the year. In addition, Movistar + will also broadcast the Champions League and the European League for the next three seasons

It is, without a doubt, one of the most important novelties in sports broadcasting. Now the viewer has access to all kinds of data and statistics thanks to the possibility of including 3D graphics in the middle of the match. Goal replays show even the speed of the ball or even the player himself. Every detail, broken down on the lawn.

In addition, as each meeting is filmed by dozens of cameras, the production can do the well -known 360º repetitions . All this is possible thanks to the fact that each millimeter of the field is filmed by a different camera and, by coupling the images of each one, that effect is achieved that leaves everyone with their mouths open. Now, football fans can see the goals from every part of the field

An impressive camera suspended by four cables and operated by remote control. This device has been installed in LaLiga stadiums since the 2016/17 season, and since then it has already become one of the flags of the broadcasts of the Spanish competition.

The images are transmitted by fiber optics from the field of play to the control of the mobile unit, placed outside the stadium. This camera can cover an area of ​​155×44 meters and can reach a maximum height of 24 meters . However, when there is no game, the camera lowers and is between 3 and 10 meters high. Thanks to this the viewer can see football from a bird’s eye view, something that has never been seen before.

In addition, the broadcast of LaLiga matches is complemented by *+multi-platform coverage**. You can experience LaLiga from the radio, television, computer, tablet or smartphone. If you have missed something from the day, you can see all the summaries and more content on its mobile app , in addition to its website and YouTube channel .

As if you didn’t have enough immersion in the competition , LaLiga also has several games with which you can follow sports news in an even more fun way. Play with your favorite team and compete with your friends from anywhere

LaLiga, LaLiga 123, the Champions League and the Europa League can be seen on Movistar + for the next three seasons , that is, from 2018 to 2021. A few months ago, Telefónica announced the acquisition of the broadcasting rights for these four major competitions.

Aura , Movistar +’s virtual assistant, will also be able to lend a hand to the most hesitant fans or those who don’t know what game to watch on television. Also, there will be no problem if you miss a game or want to watch the match again. The fan can turn back the broadcast and watch the match again from kick-off.

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