Video Marketing Statistics: Top Trends from 2022

Video Marketing Statistics: Top Trends from 2022
Video Marketing Statistics: Top Trends from 2022

Here, we’ll look at how marketers can use video to improve their marketing strategies, analyze new trends based on hard statistics, and update their approach to video content after 2022.

Look around. Do you see people immersed in their phones? Well, they’re probably chatting, surfing the web, or browsing social media. And if they are online, they are likely watching the video.

What fascinates me is how videos have grown in popularity over the last decade and how marketers and creators use them to communicate with the world. This is one of the reasons my team and I started our annual video marketing research.

This year, 59% of marketers said video marketing has shown a positive return on investment and 58% plans to include more video in their future marketing strategies. These statistics are a great indicator that video adds value to your enterprise.

Watch how the video impacted your marketing campaign in 2021.

• 65% of marketers say they want to increase brand awareness, and 64% say video helped them do that.

• Fifty-five percent of marketers said they wanted to increase engagement, and 60% said video helped them.

• 37% of marketers said they wanted to increase conversions, and 57% were able to see the results.

Now that video marketing is constantly evolving, we also wanted to see global trends. In this article, marketers and creators share some of the hottest ideas and trends for improving their online strategies.

1. Mobile world

The transition to mobile devices began in 2012 and has become ubiquitous. According to our survey, 68% of consumers watch videos on their mobile phones, an increase of 2% from last year. This first change, coupled with the rise of social media, has created a fertile foundation for the video boom seen in recent years. In fact, 59% of people watch videos on social media more than a quarter of the time.

Mobile optimization is very important for companies building an online presence. Whether it’s your website or your content, if your presentation isn’t mobile-friendly, people will lose interest and pay attention to something else.

Conclusion: Experienced marketers are already accustomed to mobile technology. According to Statistic, worldwide mobile advertising spending in 2021 reached a record $ 288 billion. Their latest figures show that spending will reach $ 413 billion by 2024. If you haven’t optimized your mobile content yet, make it your top priority.

2. Short videos are gaining popularity

Vine in 2012 was the first platform to popularize short videos. Online social networks like smartphones and Vine have made it easier for people to create and post content online, which has made short video content more popular. The platform was reported to be the fastest growing mobile app in the world, but was shut down in 2017.

Then came more powerful applications. In 2016, TikTok entered the social game and swept the world. The stunning design and features of the app are popular with young people. According to Piper Candler’s 43rd Gen Z Survey, TikTok has surpassed Snapchat for the first time and has become a favorite social network for teens.

Immediately after the success of TikTok, other platforms were on the verge of short videos. YouTube launched shorts and Instagram launched Lille. Almost every other social platform has a “stories” feature that allows you to upload even short videos. Short videos are popular, but that doesn’t mean long content is dead.

According to our research, YouTube remains the number one platform for millennial to watch video content. But with the vast number of short videos uploaded daily, it’s clear that short content makes up a big part of people’s lives.

Bottom line: short videos are simple and relatively straightforward, so marketers can easily engage with their viewers using this medium. My team recently launched a TikTok channel. This is a great way to showcase our corporate culture. TikTok content has gotten decent organic reach, so at least for now, we’ve been able to reach more viewers in just a few months. Some of our videos have gone viral. So if you want your business to remain a top priority, try making a short video.

3. Live broadcast

In the midst of a pandemic, live streaming brought us together when social distancing divided us. People attended weddings and live performances from home.

According to the Market Research Future (MR FR) report, the global live streaming market could grow to US$247.275 million by 2027, and marketers are skyrocketing. As the world has opened up, hybrid events have also become popular. This trend has paved the way for a more immersive experience that combines digital and physical spaces. Lila Nash X’s virtual show at Rob lox is an example of what we see more often.

Bottom line: For companies with large audiences or short sales cycles, live streaming can be a great way to interact with people in real time. You can quickly hear the views of viewers and answer questions. This is the best personalized communication.

The general consumer trend is that people want more formal and immersive media experiences, and video can tick all the boxes.

We believe that innovation in this area will continue and it will be interesting to see how creators and marketers apply it to their content and advertising. When it comes to content and communication, we are seeing an evolution. And this is where creativity flourishes. As a seller, try out videos to improve your skills. So embrace this environment and see where it takes you.

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