UK unveils 5 new mental health apps to better support students

UK unveils 5 new mental health apps to better support students
UK unveils 5 new mental health apps to better support students

Lexington, Kentucky (May 27, 2022) – For over 70 years, May has been celebrated as Mental Health Month in the United States.

Mental Health Awareness has taken on a new level of importance as the world began to shake off the harsh realities of the global pandemic, which led to long-term blockades and new levels of anxiety.

Recognized as a time to raise awareness, reduce prejudice, and provide support, education, and advocacy for people suffering from mental health problems, May at Kentucky University is a time of reflection and action.

According to a new national survey, the effects of the pandemic have been particularly devastating to young people. Since 2020, anxiety and depression among college students have increased. Forty-seven percent of college students were positive for depression and / or anxiety, and 66% of college students reported being isolated.

The University of Kentucky understands the importance of student mental health and is committed to developing critical and proactive mental health and wellness initiatives. With these statistics in mind, the university is introducing five new mental health apps to the campus community.

These applications include:

All together

• Together all is a secure online community where you can share your feelings anonymously and get help to improve your mental health and well-being. In the community, people support each other under the safe supervision of licensed and registered mental health professionals.

• To access the app, go to together all “I’m from college” and enter your college email address to register.

Free space

• Headspace is a guide to practicing mindfulness in everyday life. Create a calm and positive atmosphere with your headspace. Learn how to focus your energy to relax, manage stress and rest more focused.


• Cognate is a 45-minute web-based designed to teach students, faculty, and staff how to recognize mental health problems, worries, and signs of suicide, and how to communicate and refer to students at risk. It is a learning simulation of. Special list.

• You can access this app from Canvas.

Online Therapeutic Assistance (TAO)

• TAO includes over 150 concise and effective learning sessions covering over 50 general topics and skills related to mental health, well-being and substance use issues. TAO includes interactive activities, mindfulness exercises, and practical tools designed to help you achieve your goals.

• To register with TAO for self-help, go to Enter your UK name and email address here. After creating an account, sign in to

Down hole tracking

• Well Track is designed to help you learn about mental health and provide the support you need right now. Well Track is a set of tools and online courses to help you identify, understand and resolve the problems you face using aspects of CBT.

“We hope these apps put mental health resources literally in the hands of our students and available when needed,” said Corrine Williams, UK Assistant Vice President for Student Welfare. There are many barriers to accessing student mental health resources, and these new partnerships aim to remove those barriers and improve student wellness. “

In addition to enrollment, the university offers many spiritual resources through the UK Counseling Center (UKCC). The UKCC is responsible for student success and supports mental, academic and/or other personal health that may interfere with student achievement and personal health. We offer groups, workshops and short term consultations to help students with their problems. – While in the UK.

Click here to learn more about UKCC and its services. To learn more about Office for Student Success, visit their website.

The University of Kentucky is emerging as the top choice for students, faculty, and staff who are pursuing passion and career goals. For the past two years, Forbes has named the UK one of the best employers for diversity, and INSIGHT into Diversity has named us a Diversity Champion for the fourth year in a row. The UK is ranked among the top 30 campuses in the country for inclusion and LGBT safety*. The UK has been named an “Awarded Universities” for the third year in a row, and the UK is among the top 22 universities in the country on Forbes’ “America’s Best Employers” list. Research  funds. A concrete symbol of our breadth and depth as a university focused on discoveries that change lives and communities. And our patients are grateful that UK Health Care has been voted the best hospital in the state for the fifth year in a row. Praise and honor But they are more important than what they represent. The idea is that building a community of engagement and excellence is a way of fulfilling our mission to be the University of Kentucky and not just the University of Kentucky.

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