Types and material of Shift Knob

Types and material of Shift Knob
Types and material of Shift Knob

The new semi-trailer shift knob is one of the easiest ways to dramatically change the look of your cab and make it more reliable and comfortable! Raney’s offers an incredible variety of unique truck shift knobs in dozens of styles and uses, including the ever-popular Pistol and Pistol shift knobs, as well as vintage gear knobs such as skulls, dice, billiard balls, flying eyes, solid or bright . colors with dozens of logos, but this is only a surface study, you will find hundreds more! These 9-, 10-, 18-, 15- and 13-speed shift knobs have been painstakingly sourced from some of the most daring artists and most trusted companies in the trucking industry, including Eaton Fuller. Everything on offer is made from high quality materials and backed by solid and serious customer support – contact us or shop online today!

Benefits of the shift knob

• Improves aesthetics. The shift knobs are fine at best. However, if you want to change the interior of your car, cool shift knobs are one of the most affordable modifications you can get.

• Smoother shifting. Using a typical shift lever can be tedious. Individual shift knobs make shifting easier and more comfortable to drive.

• Better grip. Tailor-made for your vehicle, the shift knob fits perfectly in your hand. When you change gear, you can apply the right amount of pressure to shift into gear.

• Customizable. One of the least valuable things about aftermarket shift knobs is that you can adjust the position signals. This can be useful when you are teaching someone how to use a shifter.

• Great durability. Made from durable materials such as aluminum alloy, shift knobs will last for years. The longer your switch lasts, the more money you’ll save by not buying a new one.

Types of shift knobs

Gear shift knobs

Standard come with the car and usually match the interior. They are pre-installed and are numbered on the top indicating the different gears. They are also factory tested for compliance and operational safety.

Car Specific Handles

Vehicle-specific shift knobs may appear to be interchangeable with the original shift knobs. However, they differ in that the handle is modified by the manufacturer in accordance with the purpose of the car, such as off-road driving or racing. Vehicle-specific grips are a manufacturer’s trademark statement, whether for aesthetic purposes or performance enhancement.

Weighted shift knobs

They are user specific. Its most outstanding feature is the extra weight. The weight is intended to improve shifting and provide a better driving experience. These shift knobs are usually made from denser materials than regular knobs, allowing them to weigh more without affecting their overall dimensions.

Custom shift knobs

Individual shift knobs reflect the driver’s personal style. They can have features that affect both the beauty and performance of the car. Unlike car-specific knobs, custom shift knobs are the work of the driver. They can include additional buttons, custom placeholders, and even personal branding.

Top Brands


Mishimoto is an American automobile company based in the heart of Delaware, headquartered in New Castle. The company was founded in 2003 to provide car enthusiasts with performance enhancing solutions. The company paid great attention to research and development to create excellent racing gear knobs, such as the Mishimoto MMSK-CF carbon fiber gear knob.


Dewhel is a New York-based auto parts company. Manufactures and distributes parts that improve the look, performance and efficiency of vehicles. One of their best products is the DEWHEL Universal JDM.


Toyota was founded in 1933 as a division of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works. Years later, after establishing itself as one of the best automotive brands in the world, the company began producing shift knobs for automobiles. It manufactures both manual and automatic shifters. The Toyota TRD 6 Speed ​​shift knob is one of the most highly rated knobs out there.

gear shift knob price

Less than 10 dollar


Many shift knobs have a universal fit. You can install them on a wide range of vehicles and shifters. However, you will need an adapter if the derailleur you received does not fit the shaft properly. It is important that you research the product to make sure it is compatible with your vehicle.


Buying a derailleur is choosing one that works with both manual and automatic transmissions. Depending on your car, you can choose from cool manual or automatic shift knobs. However, some shift knobs work with both technologies.

Other Considerations

• Location: Location affects the feel of the gear lever in your hand and, as a result, the overall driving experience. In the end, it’s a matter of preference. You can try different designs to make an informed decision about which shift lever design provides the smoothest shifting.

• Finish – The right finish depends on what you want to do with your switch. Chrome trim looks good on sports cars, while black or gray metal trim makes the car’s interior simple yet sophisticated. It is worth noting that prolonged use corrodes the coating, exposing the main color.

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