Towards a more sustainable diet What are the main advances to accelerate this change?

Towards a more sustainable diet What are the main advances to accelerate this change?
Towards a more sustainable diet What are the main advances to accelerate this change?

The growing concern of customers regarding property in food production, particularly meat and farm, has accelerated the event of additional property ingredients and products. A challenge that needs a good effort in analysis, innovation, and development by the trade and also the agri-food system. At AINIA we tend to support the world during this modification. For this reason, so as to search out the advances during this line, we’ve got organized the Innovation Day: “The Food of the Future” that may be hung on March twenty-nine at AINIA.

Given this state of affairs, there square measure several challenges facing the trade and also the agri-food system normally. At AINIA we tend to collaborate during this engine of modification by providing technological solutions and adding worth in

• New supermolecule sources: the style of biomass production systems for the generation of latest supermolecule sources and additional eco-efficient and property raw materials.

• Protein ingredients and/or plant-primarily based: style and generation of latest food structures and supermolecule ingredients and/or plant-based from the applying of latest technological strategies: low and high wetness extrusion technology (TVP, HMPEC), fermentative processes, generation of latest emulsions, accelerator processes, extractive processes, etc.

Products and ingredients through fermentation processes: the style of product and ingredients through fermentation processes, dominant the raw materials, the starter culture of the fermentation method, and also the operational conditions with the aim of homogenizing the various production batches.

• Meat analogs and farm analogs: Development of latest meat analogs and farm analogs from plant sources with improved organoleptic, techno-functional, and organic process properties.

• Improvement of the organoleptic, techno-functional, and/or organic process properties of the latest ingredients through the application of the latest technological ways (fermentation processes, accelerator processes, extrusion, etc.). of plant-based ingredients and products. March 29: Innovation Day: The Food of the longer-term To find out regarding the most advances in these technological lines that enable the USA to hurry up this transformation towards the generation of additional property products and ingredients, AINIA has organized the “Food of the longer term. it’ll air on March twenty-nine at our facilities. We can have representatives from international platforms fast this transformation WHO will take the USA into the longer-term eventualities of Food, crystal rectifier by Gerard Klein (Founder & CEO of Bridge2Food). additionally, we’ll learn, from the hand of AINIA researchers, the most technological advances to be able to adapt to the current method of modification through extrusion technology, Biotechnology, and also the development of in vitro meat. Success stories: Carina, ratite, and ODS Proteins can gift their innovations Representatives of the foremost innovative business also will share with the USA their experiences within the development of the latest property foods:

• Mycoprotein as a food supply within the future , by Martín Rodríguez Álvarez, CTO & co-Founder of ODS Proteins. • Circular economy: geographical point of food property , Vanesa Martínez, CEO of the CARINSA cluster.

• Platform for the event of property ingredients, Bosco Emparanza García, CEO and founding father of ratite. Innovation Table: samples of the innovative product Some samples of the foremost innovative product are shown at our INNOVATION TABLE: vegetarian eggs made up of legumes, cheeses developed through fermentation processes, meat and farm analogs, or mycelial meat developed from the fermentation of the flora Fusarium Venenatum are a number of the examples.

The conference is free for AINIA associates. Places square measure restricted. Get to grasp the program of the Innovation Day: “The Food of the future” and sign in. If you’re knowledgeable within the food trade and need to hitch AINIA Network, access this link wherever you may realize additional

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