The best new Windows apps, according to Microsoft

The best new Windows apps, according to Microsoft
The best new Windows apps, according to Microsoft

Microsoft is honoring many of the best Windows apps and developers with the new Microsoft Store App Awards.

The brand is divided into user-recommended Community Choice Awards and internal Microsoft Store Editor’s Choice Awards, which announce winners, runners-up, and finalists in various award categories.

The award is unknown, but the award is intended to recognize the various applications available in the Microsoft Store.

Community Choice Awards include:

• Top utility apps like Share X and Speed test by Okla.

• The best file manager for Rufus files and applications.

• Top open platform apps like Auto Dark Mode, Ear Trumpet, Modern Fly outs and more.

Microsoft Store Editors’ Choice Awards include:

• Best video entertainment app for Disney+.

• Best entertainment audio and music apps on Spotify.

• Top 3D and graphics applications such as Canvas and Paint.NET.

• Just like Wonder share Fillmore, the perfect creative app for audio and video.

• The best application for working with Liquid Text.

• The best social app for Discord.

The Microsoft editors also gave a special rating to the Talk for Me application, which supports text-to-speech and speech synthesis.

The new Windows app store, which redesigned the Microsoft Store for Windows in 2021, is under fire for not fully supporting many apps. Microsoft recently added its own Microsoft Teams app to the Microsoft Store in mid-May to support Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Shortly thereafter, the brand confirmed at a recent Build meeting that the Microsoft Store’s Win 32 app waiting list program had ended. This makes your app even more compatible with the Microsoft Store. Specifically, it works on C++, Win Forms, WPM, MAUI, React, Rust, Flutter, and Java while running on Windows.

Many posts favored third-party apps like Discord, Firefox, and Zoom, while Win 32 programs were strangely exclusive in the past but widely used like Google Chrome and Steam. Some apps weren’t allowed in the Microsoft Store. It will be interesting to see what apps will appear in the app store after the restrictions are lifted.

It would also be interesting to see how the future Microsoft Store App Awards will be implemented when Win 32 programs are added to the app store.

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