Money control Selects: Top stories this evening

Money control Selects: Top stories this evening
Money control Selects: Top stories this evening

A carefully selected pack of the hottest items of the day will help you stay on top of your game and control money.

There is no Nepalese plane on board the four Indians found in the Mustang: Army

Military said it went missing in Nepal on Sunday and a 43-year-old private jet with 22 people, including four Indians, was found in Mustang’s Kwan. According to the airline, four Indians, two Germans and 16 Nepalese were traveling by plane.

Government refuses to warn citizens about sharing Adhara for fear of confusion

For fear of misunderstanding, the government withdrew the warning to share a copy of the Adhara card with the organization to prevent misunderstanding. Instead, he urged citizens to exercise “normal care” when using and exchanging numbers, saying that existing ecosystems provide sufficient privacy guarantees.

India imports coal for the first time in years due to power shortage

The world’s largest coal miner, state-owned Coal India, imports fuel for use by power companies, a Reuters letter from the Energy Department on Saturday said fuel shortages caused more power outage concerns. I showed that I was there. Coal India is the first to import fuel since 2015, highlighting efforts by state and federal authorities to prevent repeated Aprils when India faced the worst blackouts in more than six years.

Monsoon arrives in Kerala 3 days earlier than expected

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the southwest monsoon began over Kerala on May 29, three days earlier than its normal start date, June 1. The southwest monsoon is considered the lifeline of India’s agricultural economy.

Tata Motors’ acquisition of Ford plant gets green light in Gujarat

The Times of India reports that Tatar Motors has been approved by the Gujarat Cabinet to acquire Ford Motor Company’s passenger car plant in Sandal, near Ahmadabad. The two companies are still in talks on transaction size, workforce and financial issues.

Next week on Darla Street | 10 Key Factors to Consider

The volatile week, which began with a struggle to gain momentum in the country’s index after a strong backlash on May 20, ended with a Nifty 50 and BSE Sen sex rise of more than 1% each. Earnings for the March quarter reached home stretch, three shares are expected to debut, GDP data will be released, and so on.

IPL Final: Gujarat Titans may have a more balanced team, but Astrakhan Royals seems to have peaked at just the right time

Today at 20:00, the Indian Premier League final will take place between the Gujarat Titans and the Astrakhan Royals. The team, led by Hardin Panda and Susan Samson, will play a decisive match at Arena Midi Stadium in Ahmadabad. It’s the atmosphere of the team that took 14 years to return to the final.

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