Johnny Depp: Jury deliberation begins with Amber Hoard’s libel trial

Johnny Depp: Jury deliberation begins with Amber Hoard’s libel trial
Johnny Depp: Jury deliberation begins with Amber Hoard’s libel trial

The jury’s deliberations in the famous defamation battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard began after a six-week trial in Virginia.

Depp, 58, is suing his ex-wife for $ 50 million over an article she wrote claiming to have been abused. The 36-year-old Hurdy was sued for $ 100 million.

Depp’s lawyer asked the jury to “take responsibility for her” lie “to Mrs. Hard.”

Next, the hard team said Depp was a bully and an unreliable bully.

The seven juries must reach a unanimous decision to reach the verdict. They began deliberations shortly after both sides showed closing discussions.

Hard lawyer Benjamin Lat ten born reminded the jury of a clear text message between Depp and his friend who wanted to hurt his ex-wife.

“It’s America’s favorite pirate’s heart and window to heart,” Latten born said. This is the real Johnny Depp.

In contrast, Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, called Herd’s allegations of abuse “barbaric, exaggerated, and unbelievable.”

“There is an abuser in this court, but it’s not Mr. Depp,” Basques said while playing an audio recording of the actress confessing that she had beaten her husband at the time.

“Mr. Depp was constantly being verbally, physically and mentally abused by Mr. Hard,” she said.

Friday’s discussions reflected much of the last six weeks of the trial, with both sides providing conflicting explanations for the former couple’s five-year relationship

Mr. Had and her lawyer spoke in court about Depp’s unstable and abusive behavior, drug and alcohol use, and violent behavior.

Speaking Thursday, she was touched when she told the jury “harassment, humiliation, social media, and now a daily campaign against me on the camera in this room.”

Mr. Depp provided a very different picture, claiming that Mrs. Hard was a whimsical wife who abused and humiliated him. In court, he told the jury that his ex-wife had a “necessity” for conflict and violence, and she did physical harm to him by cutting the tip of one of his fingers. told.

The case is based on a 2018 article written by Hard, who describes his experience as “a public figure representing domestic violence.”

“I felt the full power of our culture’s anger at women’s remarks,” she writes. “I rarely had the opportunity to see in real time how the facility protects men accused of violence.”

On Friday, Basques called the article a lie that undermined Depp’s reputation, but the article didn’t mention him directly.

Herd’s lawyer, Latten born, asked the jury to focus on herd’s words in the story when making decisions.

“It’s not who is the best spouse,” he said. “It’s not whether you think Mrs. Hard abused Mr. Depp.”

“If you think the two insulted each other … then Amber wins,” he said. “If amber was abused even once, she won.”

Depp arrived on Friday morning and was most of the day of the trial, so hundreds of screaming fans greeted him outside.

The celebrity case, broadcast live daily, has generated a lot of public interest as both actors made serious claims of emotional, physical and verbal abuse to each other.

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