Introducing single dose grinder :Kopi grinder

Introducing single dose grinder :Kopi grinder
Introducing single dose grinder :Kopi grinder

The KOPI grinder is a single dose grinder for home baristas that is suitable for any brew method. The Deva’s specially designed short grind path drastically reduces grind retention, and gives you the freshest possible coffee, utilising every bean.

The stepless grind adjustment lets you finely tune your flavours. Sitting at the forefront of espresso experimentation, the Deva also allows you to change the speed of the burrs (200-1000 RPM) for even more control over the grinds, so you can maximise the taste of your favourite coffee. The KOPI Deva is currently the only grinder with adjustable RPM priced below £1100.

The key to good coffee is consistency. The Deva uses the same 64mm flat burrs found in high end, commercial coffee grinders, letting you grind fresh coffee beans into evenly sized particles. Our goal is to bring the results of commercial grade equipment into a single dose design, to give home baristas ultimate control of flavours and textures.

Brandon Wong is a motorsport engineer who has travelled the world, optimising the performance of Formula race cars. His attention to detail is essential on track, where a thousandth of a second defines the difference between winning and losing.

Like most Australians living abroad, Brandon missed the specialty coffee culture that his home country is famous for. When looking to perfect his coffee setup at home, Brandon realised that there was a large gap between “domestic” and “commercial” equipment, both in terms of price and quality. This sparked the idea to design and manufacture a coffee grinder that would bring a no compromise experience to the home.

The combination of Brandon’s engineering expertise and his love of great coffee was the start of KOPI Concepts and the Deva single dose grinder.

6 million tonnes of coffee grounds end up in landfill each year. Not only is this a waste of a precious resource, but it is also a waste of money.

A single dose coffee grinder means you are grinding the coffee that you need, right before brewing. Not only are you maximising flavour by doing this, it also means that there is no coffee wasted in the process. It gives you the flexibility to switch between coffee beans and brew methods with minimal fuss.

The “optimal” grind setting will change with humidity within the coffee bean. In a cafe setting, baristas can purge up to 12g of coffee before pulling an espresso shot, all in the pursuit of the perfect flavour. At KOPI Concepts, we aim to reduce waste with the Deva and its specially designed short grind path. We provide you with a spray bottle so you can use the Ross Droplet Technique (RDT) to keep dreaded static at bay, which minimises retention.

Repeated testing shows grind output to be within 0.2g of the input. Virtually nothing is wasted in the process, and there is no need to purge coffee while dialling in. This means you are getting the freshest possible coffee for your cup, whichever brewing method you choose. Our patent pending design creates a small pressure difference between the burr chamber and the exit chute, encouraging air flow through the grind path to help the pursuit of zero retention.

Most commercial coffee grinder burrs spin in excess of 1000 RPM. While this has both pros and cons, we have found that a slower burr speed helps with all aspects of single dosing. Not only does this minimise static in the process, but it also changes the particle distribution, letting you reach the full potential of your beans.

The KOPI Deva allows you to easily change the speed of the burrs between 200 – 1000 RPM, so you can perfectly dial in your favourite coffee and maximise taste. Combined with use of the Ross Droplet Technique (RDT), our testing showed retention repeatedly under 0.2 g and less clumps visible in the basket. One theory also suggests that lower burr speeds minimise the change in temperature of the beans as they are being ground, which retains more of the intended flavours.

Different coffees and brew methods require different grind settings. The Deva’s stepless grind adjustment allows you to finely tune the flavours of your favourite coffee, however you brew. Clearly indicated markers show the position of the 64mm flat burrs. Each marker represents 10 microns between the burrs to help you achieve a perfectly extracted coffee.

The KOPI Deva uses the same hardened 64mm steel burrs found in many commercial coffee grinders. Compared to conical burrs, flat burrs provide a more uniform particle distribution, which allows the barista to extract more of the coffee without worrying about bitter, dry flavours from the coffee fines. Flat burrs have also been shown to unlock higher extraction percentages compared to their conical counterparts, allowing baristas to explore new avenues of flavours and textures.

The DEVA uses patent pending technology to achieve parallel burr alignment, and can be dismantled and reassembled without losing your grind setting. The double bearing design and machining tolerances of 0.012mm all play a part in the perfect alignment of the burr set.

No messy cords on your countertops. The KOPI Deva houses a 5000 mAh battery, which can grind up to 3kg of beans on a single charge. That’s 40 days if you make 4 double shot espressos every day! And when it runs out, it takes 2 hours to charge, using the supplied charger. The battery level is indicated by the 4 LEDs on the front panel.

An intelligent battery management system incorporates over charge protection, and limits the maximum current delivered to the motor, to ensure maximum battery performance is maintained throughout the lifetime of the product. The battery charger works anywhere in the world (100-240V). 

The majority of the coffee grinders on the market are powered by AC motors, where motor speed is linked to the frequency of your mains power. Most countries use either a mains frequency of 50 or 60 Hz which will result in a different motor speed. This means that dosing and grind quality will change from country to country. The KOPI Deva runs independently of mains frequency, using a brushless DC motor, and PID technology to provide consistent speeds. You will get consistent results from grind to grind, wherever you are in the world.

The KOPI Deva has been designed to last a lifetime. All parts have been CNC machined to exacting tolerances to ensure a premium user experience. This machining method also minimises waste material in the manufacturing process by recycling metal swarf. We have chosen to use Aerospace grade 6081-T6 aluminium and SAE 304 Stainless Steel for their durability and ability to be recycled. Sustainably sourced walnut or oak accents are finished with a food safe wax, without aerosols. Product packaging is easy to separate and recycle as well.

We have scrutinised every detail of the KOPI Deva to ensure a smooth workflow over the lifetime of the product. The funnel is easily removed without tools, exposing the burr set, allowing for easy routine cleaning.

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