Instagram is testing a full screen home feed

Instagram is testing a full screen home feed
Instagram is testing a full screen home feed

Did you know that when you log in to TikTok, the first thing you see (except for ads) is a full-screen portrait video? Instagram is testing features that provide a similar instant immersive experience with the goal of “making videos more readable and central.” It seems to be a theme that repeats in Meta!

Of course, what we mean here is that Instagram continues to do everything it can to distract us from TikTok. Instagram parent company Meta said in a revenue report last week that TikTok clone Reels accounts for more than 20% of the time spent on Instagram. On Facebook, videos of all kinds make up 50% of the time users spend on the platform.

In addition to TikTok’s jealousy, this test also affects how your photos will appear in your feed. Every time Instagram misrepresents the size of an image post, it’s controversial.

For full-screen home channel tests, you can also use the bottom navigation bar to access the Discovery tab, reels, purchases, and your own page. There are also icons on the top bar for switching accounts, creating posts, reviewing notifications, and displaying messages. The test image we took didn’t show where the story would appear, but Instagram rep confirmed that the story was at the top of the feed. The screenshot was taken after scrolling and will not appear in this layout. The top of the feed.

Stories are currently making more money on Instagram than on Lille because they have a better infrastructure for selling ads in stories. The company plans to add more options for cashing reels, but according to earnings announcements, the promotion of cashing reels will continue for several years.

Like Meta, Google is competing with TikTok through YouTube Shorts. Google announced last week that it has begun testing ads on YouTube Shorts. YouTube Shorts has 30 billion views per day, four times last year. Meta didn’t share a particular number in reel view, but the video’s presence in meta properties is growing.

Watch Instagram boss Adam Mossier explain this feature.

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