In this article, we mentioned about top 10 data software companies to look out for in 2022
In this article, we mentioned about top 10 data software companies to look out for in 2022

In this article, we mentioned about top 10 data software companies to look out for in 2022

Data software is also known as the database management system. It is a utility used for creating, editing, and maintaining database files and records. It is software that takes in data and converts various kinds of data into a single storage container. It helps companies to make better, informed business decisions while decreasing costs and increasing profits. Here are the mentioned top 10 data software companies in 2022. These companies have innovated in their respective areas of expertise to provide customers with industry-leading solutions to the most pressing data challenges.

Jivox: It is a cloud-based, data-driven platform for delivering personalized digital advertising and marketing experiences at scale. It enables the output of dynamic video into social media at scale. Jivox IQ is designed to meet brands’ great demand for optimizing consumer engagement across their paid and owned media channels.

Innovaccer: It is a leading healthcare data activation platform company focused on delivering more efficient and effective healthcare through the use of pioneering analytics and transparent, clean, and accurate data. It aims to simplify complex data from all points of care, streamline the information, and help organizations make powerful decisions and realize strategic goals based on key insights and predictions from their data. It is based in San Francisco, California.

DataStax: It is the company behind the massively scalable, highly available, cloud-native NoSQL database built on Apache Cassandra. It is based in Santa Clara, CA. With help from DataStax, developers and enterprises can deploy data at an unprecedented scale, with 100% uptime, for significantly lower costs.

InfluxData: It is the creator of InfluxDB, the open-source time-series database. It is headquartered in San Francisco, with a workforce distributed throughout the U.S. and across Europe. InfluxDB is the platform for building & operating time series applications. Their technology is purpose-built to handle massive volumes of data produced by sensors, systems, or applications that change over time.

Zaloni: It is an award-winning data management company. It is based in Durham, North Carolina. It provides data governance and observability software. This database company’s platform is a great utility among a wide array of industries, including financial services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and telecommunications.

Kantar: This group is a data analytics and brand consulting company, based in London, England. It is the world’s leading data, insights, and consulting company. They help clients understand people and inspire growth. Kantar’s self-service solutions return results the same day, with deeper diagnostic options taking only slightly longer.

Fivetran: It is the leader in automated data integration, delivering ready-to-use connectors that adapt to change. It is based in Oakland, California. It allows for the efficient collection of business processes and customer data from related applications, websites, and servers. The integrations are built for analysts who need data centralized but whose schedules preclude them from maintaining their ETL systems.

Qlik: It provides a business analytics platform. It is now based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, United States. This data software company’s main products are Qlik Replicate and Qlik Sense, software for business intelligence and data integration. BI, analysis, dashboards, reporting, visual analytics, data discovery, big data, data visualizations, Qlik Sense, QlikView, data literacy, data analytics, analytics, and data integration are the specialties of Qlik.

Reltio: It offers the industry’s first cloud-native, multi-domain MDM SaaS solution. It is based in Redwood Shores, CA. Their diverse set of customers across 140 countries and multiple industries use the agility and flexibility only a cloud-native solution can offer to accelerate the value of their data, scale its effectiveness across their business, and maximize their impact every day.

Oxylabs: It is a company specializing in web data gathering. Its headquarters is in Lithuania. It offers proxy solutions which its clients use for various activities related to market research. Its highest business ethics standards lead all its operations, with core values guiding the company toward achieving its mission.

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