How to Tell If a Michael Kors Purse Is Real ?

How to Tell If a Michael Kors Purse Is Real ?
How to Tell If a Michael Kors Purse Is Real ?

Spotting a real Michael Kors purse from a fake one can be a little difficult due to the brand’s different logo and lining designs. The very first Michael Kors purses had a simple round logo and a printed lining that set it apart. When the knock-offs started to arrive in stores, it became difficult for people to identify a genuine Michael Kors purse because they couldn’t spot the difference.

Even today, you can easily be duped into buying a fake! On our mission to help people how to tell if a Michael Kors purse is real or not, we concluded that for this brand, it’s all about stitching. This is a very expensive purse and crafting requires skilled labor, which is why not every counterfeiter can replicate a Michael Kors purse. Here are a couple of signs that will help you recognize a real Michael Kors purse from a fake:

How to Spot a Real Michael Kors Purse
One of the biggest features that Michael Kors purses are known for is their weight. This brand makes quite heavy purses with quality leather, which is firm. On the other hand, a knock-off will not only be made of cheap leather, but it also won’t maintain its shape forever. The sides will most probably collapse first, and the fake leather will develop creases. These are just some of the little nuances that you will be easily able to spot.

Now that you know about the basic features, let’s take a look at how to tell if a Michael Kors purse is real or not:
Get Familiar with Saffiano Leather
Michael Kors purses do not use just any leather. They are made from premium Saffiano leather, which is calf leather. One of the trademarks of this leather is the detailed crisscross pattern achieved through the use of a machine. The original leather feels rigid and structured, while synthetic is floppy and soft. Moreover, the original Saffiano leather has this light glossy sheen to it that none of the knock-offs have.

Inspect the Side Panels
The side panels of your Michael Kors purse should be made of one piece of leather. A fake will have two pieces with stitches running down the middle. This single piece of leather is what allows the purse to hold its form. The same thing applies to rubber edging. If it comes off easily and in two pieces, the purse is a fake.

Check the Logo
Right now, Michael Kors is using 2 different logos ― the original circle emblem with the “MK” and the expanded one.

The “MK” in the circle should be cut precisely and have sharp edges. As mentioned earlier, the one thing counterfeiters are not able to replicate is finesse. The letters “M” and “K” are evenly spaced and placed inside a perfect circle. The logo hardware is made of heavy metal, and its color varies. If you see the expanded logo on a purse, don’t be alarmed. It doesn’t mean the purse is a fake. Look at the stitching and other features to determine its authenticity.

The circle logo is often attached to the hardware too. On them, the alphabets “MK” are placed quite close together, so much so that the line of “M” merges with “K.” The metallic logo can be found in two forms on the hardware ― a circle as the zip tab or the brand name engraved into the metal. All logo decorations are heavy and done in either a gold or brass tone. Last but not least, the logo is also found printed on the liner.

Look for the Square Trademark

Most of the fixtures and buckles on a Michael Kors purse are displayed in square accents. The size always varies. Look for multiple brand name insignias on all the metal parts. They will either have the initials “MK” or the full name.

Inspect the Hardware
The zippers on a Michael Kors purse come with a stop and are substantially heavy. Often counterfeiters use plastic zippers that don’t have a stop. These get easily scratched and break if tugged on.

Examine the Strap and Handles
A distinct feature that sets a Michael Kors purse apart is its strap and handles. From its handle’s length to the holes for securing the buckle and the stitching on the handles, pay attention to everything.

The loop should be sewn on the purse and hold the strap. A fake will have the loop placed above the seam.
In some cases, the loop strap and the handles are separated by a metal ring.
There are four perfect stitches underneath the handles’ hardware. You will feel a screw underneath, which will be flat to touch. These hold the handles straight.

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