How to Install Fixplay IndoXXI

How to Install Fixplay IndoXXI
How to Install Fixplay IndoXXI

If you previously used the free streaming feature through the package promotion you received. So this time for those of you who like to watch movies, you can download the movie directly either on Android or on a laptop. How? Here we show you how to download IndoXXI movies which you can do very easily.
For fans of online movies, you are of course already familiar with the IndoXXI site. Yes, besides iFlix, IndoXXI is the site of choice for those who like to watch movies online. Where in this site you are presented with a variety of the latest and complete movies, ranging from Indonesian movies, box office and other types of movies.
Because the presentation of the film is more complete and updated. Of course, for movie buffs, watching online is not enough for them. The desire to look again often crosses the mind. Or if you haven’t had time to watch the other movie, of course you want to download it right away.
Well, in this application you have the possibility to download movies for free. Unfortunately, IndoXXI users haven’t used it much because they don’t know how to download it. For those of you who are still confused about how to download IndoXXI movies without IDM on Android and laptops. This is how you can do it:

How to Download IndoXXI Movies on Android/Laptop
Downloading IndoXXI movies is pretty easy to do. In fact, this site offers an easier way to download as compared to other apps. However, sometimes when we want to download, we are hampered by the large number of pop-up ads that appear. In addition to feeling upset, of course, the process is also longer.
Now, for those of you who want to download your favorite movies on IndoXXI, you don’t need to be confused about how to download the movie. You can download IndoXXI movies with IDM or without IDM alias via Android or laptop:

Download IndoXXI movies with Internet Download Manager

  1. First, visit the IndoXXI site by typing or you can do it through the address (because usually IndoXXI addresses are blocked and cannot be opened for a while)
  2. Copy and paste the URL into your browser (for recommendations, you can use Google Chrome)
  3. If you have successfully entered the IndoXXI site, select the movie you want to download
  4. Then play the movie like you used to play movies online before
  5. Wait for the movie to play, usually at the bottom right of the video there is a “Download” button that you can click
  6. In order to download movies on IndoXXI, you must first have an email account on GoogleDrive
  7. If you already have it, click OK
  8. Then you will be redirected to email login page, please login with your Gmail account
  9. If so, a download page will appear with a size format you can choose. Choose one of the formats you want to get, for example 1080P. Click on the format.
  10. If successful, a description of the movie download process via your Android or laptop will appear. However, if there is a description of Failed-Banned, then the movie cannot be downloaded and you are forced to find another movie.

  11. Download IndoXXI Movies with Other Alternatives:
    If the above method is quite difficult for you. Then you can download IndoXXI movies in an easier way below:
  12. Open your browser (Google Chrome recommended)
  13. Then enter the IndoXXI site with the address
  14. Select the movie you want to download
  15. Then press the F12 key that appears on the keyboard
  16. Select Network and then select Media.
  17. Click Update button, then the movie link will appear.
  18. Copy the link safely to the Internet Download Manager app
  19. Choose the format you want to get
  20. If so, wait for the process until the movie is completely downloaded
  21. Finished
    Now for those of you who like to watch movies or just want a collection of movies on your Android or laptop. So how to download IndoXXI movies without IDM on Android and Laptop above? Download your favorite movie and watch it to your heart’s content.

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