How to Choose the Hologram Projector?

How to Choose the Hologram Projector?
How to Choose the Hologram Projector?

Compatibility with 3D

All hologram projector can create 3D images. That’s why they are so different from traditional projectors. 3D compatibility refers to the quality of the 3D images created by the projector. Compatibility depends on the integrated functions, the number of LED bulbs, the light source and the FPS of the projector.

Purpose of Use

An important aspect to consider while choosing the best hologram projector is how you are going to use it. Think of the place where you will be showing the holograms most often. If you wish to use the projector only for open spaces, pick excellent universal models. They tend to have greater brightness, higher contrast and higher resolution. But for indoor use, you can purchase less expensive but still qualitative models available on the market.

If the projector is designed exclusively for home entertainment, you can purchase low-cost projectors with remarkable holographic features. But if you want it to fit your company’s goals, like a projector for advertising, then you need to invest a lot more. Be sure to consider the format and contrast ratio of the projector to achieve top-notch images and videos.

Brightness and Contrast

The brightness of the projector is measured in lumens. It would be a reasonable decision to pick the lumens’ range from 3000 to 4000 as it provides the best brightness level for holograms.

Note that in a dark room, such as a home theater, too much brightness can be harsh and difficult to look at. It can also blur the shadows and fine details of the scene. Therefore, for such conditions, 1500 lumens will be enough to watch movies or presentations with bright colors.

The contrast ratio is especially important for creating holograms. It describes the difference between the brightest and darkest parts of an image. To make the image look more lively and dynamic, you need to take into account a higher contrast ratio.

The ideal contrast ratio range is approximately 10,000:1. Therefore, projector experts recommend not going below 5,000:1 if you expect perfect clarity.


The resolution is made up of the number of points that were used to display the images. The more pixels or dots you have, the higher the resolution, thus, the sharper the images. If you are going to use projectors to display holograms in daylight or in rooms with a large number of light sources, the best hologram projector will be the one with a high resolution of at least 1080p. It will guarantee that you get the best and most attractive results.

Projectors offer a fixed resolution that can be changed at any time, and the content will be displayed according to its resolution. Although some projectors may update or downgrade the display quality of the content to match the resolution, they won’t display images beyond their resolution. Thus, it is better to choose a high-resolution projector, and if necessary, lower the values.

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