Most triathletes know the importance of high-quality triathlon gears because a triathlon suit performs an important duty. Therefore, there are several important things to consider before investing in triathlon apparel.

To find the best custom triathlon gear that can meet your exact expectations and perfect in fitting too is not hard if you do proper research. This article will be the best source of information to know how to choose the best custom apparel for 2022. Triathlon wetsuits must be light-weighted, should increase the performance level, and be ultimate speed-enhancing wetsuits.


SUMARPO is a leading triathlon gear manufacturers, producing gears with the latest technology since 2008. This triathlon gear company knows the important key points for triathlon technology, then with an intense level of research, focuses on athletes’ needs. You will get the best result if you buy any product from them. After investing in their products, you are not going to regret it. Definitely, they will be up to your expectations, high-quality products with sustainability.

Each piece of the SUMARPO triathlon apparel has its unique services, and you can get suitable quality apparel for different triathlete disciplines. They have ensured that they had the best combination of structures that are important for wetsuits and complex for the user to find them.

Read on to know more insights about choosing the best custom triathlon apparel of 2022.
You would be surprised to know that many triathletes got rejected because their wetsuits did not work well in the water. Different triathlon competitions have taught us that weather and water are important factors to change performance.

That’s why the SUMARPO range of different triathlon gear is significantly lighter than the Aerodome neoprene. All SUMARPO triathlon gear is created with more than 30% buoyancy impacting performance, extra flexibility, and demanding less manual energy.

Updated for 2022 season: premium wetsuit VICTORY

The verified latest version of triathlon gear is one of the best eco-wetsuit established by SUMARPO as premium Victory (Pre-sale).

  • Consummate BUOYANCY: SUMARPO upgraded technology in Aerodome; they have increased the quantity of buoyancy up to 30% than Aerodome.
  • They have upgraded their level by adopting the low modulus for the first time in their field of manufacturing triathlon gears. SUMARPO has proposed this idea to ease physical consumption and improve the swim stroke’s effectiveness.
  • Ultimate flexibility improves the efficiency of the swim stroke.
  • SCS Nano coating: SCS NANO coating covers the entire panel of this eco-wetsuit. This panel effectively reduces the capacity of water dragging and benefits the athlete to swim with less energy—low resistance at a rate of 0.021 CDF.

Extreme powerful quality with a high-performance wetsuit VANGUARD

Triathletes are not a common kind of athletes; they have unique capabilities no matter what. To perform those capacities, they need triathlon gear which must be made up of high-quality Yamamoto. For this purpose, the VANGUARD wetsuit is the perfect piece; it is extremely powerful and helps inefficient performance.

SUMARPO has made this eco-wetsuit with amazing buoyancy. Manufacturers involved in triathlon gears provide professional triathletes with gears that provide maximum benefits. One thing that cannot be ignored Vanguard wetsuits is designed for athletes with Yamamoto #40 Aerodome Neoprene. It is also manufactured with SCS coating.

Affordable wetsuit RACE

These wetsuits are the most affordable and sustainable products, made with the latest technology to help athletes perform best. After intensive research for this article, we found that this article is called “Game changer”. It is loaded with technology to help athletes in their swimming. Its improved flexibility increases the performance in the water.

Now start your swimming with entry-level wetsuit N-JOY

Premium N-JOY wetsuit Yamamoto is derived from limestone neoprene, not from petroleum. The SUMARPO N-Joy is known for its incredible GSP system. It can be considered as the best entry-level wetsuit available in the market. Its unique cutting technology helps the triathlete to slice through the water. This entry-level wetsuit N-JOY layout is similar to an expensive wetsuit because it has a unique cutting technique, but it’s available at a reasonable price at SUMARPO. It has a quality of premium Yamamoto neoprene which has different thickness levels and keeps the body warm in cold water. It also improves performance.

Collection of Compression Sports

Benefits of Compression Sports

  • Suitable for a variety of sports: SUMARPO Compression clothing is used before any kind of physical activity to provide athletes with the sensation.
  • Increase muscles support which is good for training.
  • Enhance blood circulation.
  • Compression Sports do have a great impression on the performance.
  • It’s suitable for the gym and perfect for climbing, water sports, running, yoga, and all kinds of outdoor and indoor activities.

Otherwise, if you are sorted with the Best Custom triathlon apparel of 2022, you can also
check out SUMARPO’s variety of compression apparel. They have a great range of comparison sports to promote a perfect body.

What is worth mentioning is a collection of different kinds of tri suits, which can perform several duties. They are designed to improve athletes swimming, designed for bikers, and comfortable for runners. In addition, there is another good news for triathlon gear customers: SUMARPO has another section named other accessories. This section is also worth looking to fulfil the needs of cyclists, runners, athletes, trail runners, and swimmers. Buyers can discover a whole range of other accessories according to their needs.


SUMARPO aims to satisfy by offering additional values to each sportsperson who trusts them and comes with new innovations to maintain this trust. They have a body science special professional team and a high-tech testing laboratory that helps them to manufacture such products that complete the need of their customers. Above mentioned fur products are the best choices for 2022. Increase performance, decrease the risk of injuries and muscular pain. There are several dozen of questions that they try to answer by discussing with their researchers and experimenters.

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