Heartland miami is a Garden of Eden on the Little River

Heartland miami is a Garden of Eden on the Little River
Heartland miami is a Garden of Eden on the Little River

Under the fascinating canopy of giant fig and oak trees, Heartland Miami has quietly become a jewel of the Little River.eartland

The open concept, which has been open since November, is illuminated by the warm lights of string lights and the flames of the outdoor grill. “It’s not a restaurant or bar, so please come visit us,” says manager Laurent Pingo.

With live night music and an extensive wine list, Heartland Miami hits all the right notes and opens a welcome change in pace with the sensibilities you’ve come to. This cool, sepia-colored tropical and laid-back energy is undoubtedly reminiscent of Miami, but blends with elements of New Orleans and other distant, music-rich places.

The Miamians quickly embraced this virtually pandemic-resistant garden with carefully crafted sounds and simple fun. There is a remote table and a truly cozy and safe outdoor environment.

Start with Cormier Roll, a homemade seafood sausage made from salmon, octopus and shrimp. For the main course, we recommend Chime churri’s flank steak, a large fried bowl and bottle of red wine to share, and smoked pineapple with mascara for dessert.

As for music, you can expect a solid rotation across Cuba, Latin America and jazz. There are also popular local songs such as the Lemon City Trio, French Horn Collective and Afro Beta.

It is best to arrive early to fully absorb the experience. Heartland does not accept reservations, is European oriented and encourages visitors to come and go as they please and get to know each other. “People, from hedge fund managers to target tellers, hang out here for hours,” says Pingo.

From Tuesday, March 2nd, Heartland will offer entertainment by local blues artist Ryan Cooper on Tuesday night and a burger menu that includes cheeseburgers, lamb burgers, impossible burgers, seafood and a special “surprise”. Burgersand the Blues “will be held. .. .. .. “Desert burger.

Also this week, Heartland will start a Sunday night jazz series and live jazz will end the week at 7pm. m. Until 10 pm m. In the future, Heartland will discuss with Space Park’s neighbors and plan to collaborate with leading international DJs. Heartland is open Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm. m.

The photo is courtesy of Heartland and Giulia Cavalieri.

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