Google Pixel 4a: Full Specifications

Google Pixel 4a: Full Specifications
Google Pixel 4a: Full Specifications

The Pixel 3a was the first mid-range smartphone released by the company. Each Google Pixel smartphone had two different models. One with regular and one with XL. After the 3a and 3a XL, the Google Pixel 4a was announced.

What are the features of the Google Pixel 4a?

Here are the specifications and rumors about these smartphones. Scroll down for more details.


The great thing about the Google Pixel 4a is that it uses almost the same camera setup as the flagship Pixel 3. The main camera is a 12.2MP + 8MP dual camera with autofocus. And the front camera is 8MP.


Like the Pixel 3a, the Pixel 4a is expected to have an all-plastic body that feels great to hold.

At the top of the smartphone is a headphone jack, just like the Pixel 3a. At the bottom of the smartphone, we will find the USB-C port.

On the back of the smartphone, there is a rear fingerprint sensor with the Google logo. The smartphone has a square camera bump that houses two sensors and a flash module.


The Google Pixel 4a is a 5.7-inch 90 Hz AMOLED display. This smartphone was given a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels.

It will be powered by a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor with a built-in 5G modem. Google Pixel 4a on the Android 10 operating system.


As you know, it will have 6 GB and 64 GB of internal memory. But it would be great if Google offered a little more space for photos and various applications.


The battery is good, but in the Pixel series, it is very necessary. It is powered by a 3300 mAh battery. This smartphone uses the latest technology.

Google Pixel 4a release date

The Pixel 3 was unveiled at Google I/O last year, the company’s annual developer conference on May 7. This year’s I/O conference starts on May 12 and ends on May 14. The budget will be announced on May 12, 2020.

The Pixel 4a may be delayed due to the coronavirus, but the Pixel 4a is reported to go into production in March.

Because the 3a was $399 and the Pixel 3a XL was $479. We all expect the price of 4a and 4a XL to be fully consistent with these prices.

The Pixel 4a will be priced in Indian rupees. 39,999 as expected.

It will be available in black with a green power button, white with a coral button, and arctic blue with a pink button.

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