Cutting tools for marble, stone and ceramics!

Cutting tools for marble, stone and ceramics
Cutting tools for marble, stone and ceramics

Do you need to make cuts in materials such as marble , stone or ceramics , and you don’t know what cutting tools to use? Do not worry and let yourself be guided by our experience in dealing with masonry products.

Each material needs to be treated differently. To do a proper job, there are specialized cutting tools . In the following lines we will talk a little about these tools and some of their accessories.

Cutting Tools for Marble, Stone and Ceramics

marble cutting tools

Marble , like granite or quartz, is a type of stone materiaIt is widely used in masonry work and requires some dexterity to be handled properly. If you want to know marble in more depth, I share the characteristics and history of Marble on Wikipedia .


Of course, to carry out an adequate treatment of this material, it is necessary to use specialized cutting tools . If your objective is to execute work with a perfect finish on marble and you do not know very well how to cut this material, you can use a manual cutting machine, using electroplated discs with it . These discs are created so that their final result is optimal, also achieving high performance. You can see Insemac electroplated discs to get an idea.

Stone cutting tools: granite

Few materials are as resistant as stone. Therefore, when a professional teaches you how to cut stone properly, the first thing you assimilate is handling different types of stone cutting tools. Realize that the stone, in addition to being able to be cut, can be sculpted or chiseled. All About Stone on Wikipedia .


Among the types of stone that the human being has manipulated the most has been granite . This material has been used in any type of work, even in works of art. For its correct handling, you would first have to use manual machines that will allow you to cut millimetric and precise.

If you have a higher level in masonry, you will know that granite is also handled through machines with refrigeration , a system that makes the machine more durable. For these machines we use the range of wet cutting marble blades.

For those stone cuts where precision is not so important, you are looking for more speed or the granite is very hard, one of the most used tools is the reinforced turbo disc.

ceramic cutting tools

Ceramic finishes always give quality to the work done. Among the ceramics that are most used in the works, we find the tiles, made almost entirely with clay. You should know how to cut pottery properly, and know what kind of pottery cutting tools to use for the task. Find out more about pottery on Wikipedia .


To begin with, we recommend the use of manual machines , which allow you to make smooth and precise cuts in the ceramic you have chosen. This type of machine is perfect for you to do your first decorative techniques in ceramics.

We cannot forget the Insemac mini grinder , which is another manual cutting tool prepared to make ceramic cuts to perfection. The mini grinder is also a multipurpose machine, because you can use it for both milling and sanding.

You have to take into account in these tools to cut marble , stone or ceramics , such as the mini grinder, which disc to use, as well as its thickness, its intensity and its durability. It is usually recommended to use discs with a diameter of 125mm or 115mm as it makes a precise, smooth cut without chipping.

You can also use table machines and tool cooling. These machines are ideal for making cuts in tiles that you will be working on. One type of tabletop cutting tool you could start with is a water-cooled cutting table.

All the necessary tools to cut stone, marble and ceramics that we have talked about are in our warehouses, do not hesitate to come and see the Insemac cutting tools .

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