Career in Digital Fashion Magazine: The Future of Storytelling

Career in Digital Fashion Magazine: The Future of Storytelling
Career in Digital Fashion Magazine: The Future of Storytelling

Char Guam, founder of Runway Square, told India Today about the era of digital fashion magazines and how to build a career in them.

“I believe in passion above all else.” Chargeable

The era of sitting, relaxing and consuming fashion on the shiny pages of lifestyle magazines is over. In today’s fast-paced world, everyone runs and content runs. Everything is within walking distance. Click to bring your screen to life with the content you want. The same is true for fashion magazines.

The big name fits the digital version of the material you already have. However, many digital fashion and lifestyle magazines have also appeared in this digital age.

This is the case for Truck Square. India Today, an online magazine focused on fashion and travel, an interdisciplinary digital agency, had the opportunity to speak with Chary Gaul, Editor-in-Chief and Owner of Runway Square.

With over 19 years of experience, Chary has seen it all. She has worked with celebrities such as Grazer India as an online fashion editor and JWT India as a creative director. In 2017, Char decided to create her own brand, and Runway Square was born. In just five years, Runway Square has climbed a successful ladder and is now featured on the world’s leading fashion and travel sites.

In the conversation, Char not only told us what’s happening in Fashion Digital Magazine, but also shared tips for entering the dazzling world of fashion and building your own career. ..

What does fashion mean to CHARU?

“Fashion for me is the last selfie I posted on social media (out of 1,000). That’s the way I want to show myself to the world,” says Chary.

“On the other hand, lifestyle is the best way you want to live your life. You want to surround yourself. That’s the background of selfies!”

For years, people have consumed fashion through the shiny pages of magazines. But in today’s era, it has changed dramatically as people turned to digital magazines to consume what they liked. On the other hand, the founder of Runaway Square always uses phones and tablets, not just fashion, so how the viewer consumes all the information is important and a new way of life, he said. Told.

“What’s changing is that thanks to its creativity, you don’t even have to pick up a magazine to enjoy an impressive editorial. Few magazines show the strength of low-value paper,” Char said. Mr. says.

“How do you use the media to tell a story that makes sense to them? It doesn’t make sense to compete with social networks or the online version of the print,” he explains.

“Some magazines have reduced their publications, which is great because it should give us the opportunity to create editorials that can be consumed slowly,” Chary adds.

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