Boardroom robots

Boardroom robots
Boardroom robots

Understanding cloud computing has been the number one imperative for executives this decade. Next: How is artificial intelligence changing business and management?

Steamships, electricity, railways, airplanes, Internet technology and business have always been intertwined. A new technological revolution is now underway as organizations learn how to use artificial intelligence to make faster, smarter, and more productive decisions. This recent study by the faculty of Harvard Business School highlights the opportunities and pitfalls that can arise in the digital transformation process.

A good place to start

Ethical Bots and Other Ways to Take Your Code of Business Conduct Beyond Trivia

Digital technologies enable companies to create more effective codes of business conduct. But technology is not the only answer.

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As companies embrace artificial intelligence to improve efficiency, do their employees have the skills to use these technologies effectively?

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Use artificial intelligence to set sales goals that motivate

Leveraging advanced AI-powered analytics can help marketers set better goals.

Open Innovation Contestants Create Artificial Intelligence-Based Tool for Cancer Treatment

Radiation oncologists are few and far between, especially if you are not near an oncology center. Can artificial intelligence be used to enhance the skills of a radiation oncologist?

Vodafone’s innovative approach to cutting-edge technology

As a telecommunications giant, Vodafone has combined big data, automation and artificial intelligence to improve productivity while offering new opportunities for the next generation of employees.

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Machine learning is changing the lives of consumers and the companies they work with.

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Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data are transforming financial services for small businesses.

Businesses love big data but don’t have a strategy to take advantage of it

Big data is an important competitive advantage for companies if they know how to use it.

Man versus machine: which one is better to hire?

Computers make better hiring decisions than managers when doing simpler jobs.

Research work

Some facts about high-tech patents

This study details the growth of software patents, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and related technologies in the 21st century.

Make sense of the recommendations

We compared computer recommendation systems to human recommendation systems in an area that has many benefits for people: predicting what jokes people will find funny.

However, when a panel of three judges considered the argument, they dismissed it as irrelevant. “We believe the Cigna Code of Ethics is a textbook example of ‘bragging’,” the judges wrote. “They are too general to be trusted by a reasonable investor.”

“This is typical of the way many people and even employees view codes of conduct,” says Eugene F. Saltes, assistant professor of business administration for the Yakurski family at Harvard Business School. “Company executives often express a high-level set of principles that are expected of employees, but the court actually said,” It’s like marketing materials that people don’t literally take their word for. “

So, do the company codes of ethics have any value? In a recent case study of a new “ethical bot” created by consulting firm Accenture, Saltes argues that such codes can cost companies dearly, but only if they go beyond general themes and create a tool that employees can use.

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