Beaufort, the specialist in vinyl flooring, collaborates on custom projects for customers

Beaufort, the specialist in vinyl flooring, collaborates on custom projects for customers
Beaufort, the specialist in vinyl flooring, collaborates on custom projects for customers

Belgian vinyl flooring brand Beaufort offers a wide range of designs for a variety of contract spaces, helping customers create truly bespoke solutions.

Gender is a new dimension of personal self-expression. This is a custom banana leaf pattern created by Beaufort’s vinyl flooring experts.

For those who missed the note, furniture and furniture customization is one of the biggest advances in the interior industry today. It’s no exaggeration to say that every conversation with a designer brand involves a discussion of the concept of professionalization. So my internal thesaurus is full of synonyms for that word, and I often write a lot. That

Professionalization is often considered a modern luxury, but is it for everyone? That is, I’m all about expressing personality in our interior, but I also remember the paralysis I felt when faced with an American menu. If the pleasure of taste means seemingly unlimited choices, where do you go? Due to lack of professional skills in the kitchen, you are more likely to make mistakes. It’s not so important when it comes to acceptable sandwich stuffing, but when it comes to building and upholstery bones, the choice must be sustainable. Must be correct

Beaufort has developed a digital printing system that allows you to easily reproduce the desired image on the floor roll. An experienced team is ready to assist you in your planning.

A guide hand is required for customization

In fact, the key to working interior customization is not only the brand’s manufacturing capabilities, but also the ability to work with customers to incorporate their expertise into the equation. This is a case recently made for me by the Belgian vinyl flooring brand Beaufort. Beaufort has evolved from the local linen industry and now manufactures durable foot cushion vinyl flooring in offices, stores, clinics, schools and restaurants around the world. Recent developments include hygienic antibacterial treatments. It offers a large portfolio of evergreen colors, patterns and finishes, as well as a studio collection of modern designs and opportunities for “co-creation”.

The key to individual interior work is not just the ability to build a brand, but the ability to collaborate with customers and bring experience to the equation.

“Now we can customize everything to make it easier for people to take the step towards something special,” confirms Nile Thaliana, Beaufort research team. “Most of the time we photograph the idea in his head and then create the design.” The objects of the Slovenian brand have the technology of digital printing of any pattern on the floors in more than 60 areas. Square meter. It is a fast and flexible process that goes beyond analog printing technology and is highly customization.

The playful theme can be used in children’s rooms or environments like this ice cube pattern, or taken outside with a tromped O’Neil lawn.

Touch the source of experience

The collaborative process allows the internal design team to “think with you”. Corresponds to accurate images and mood boards for design development. They use all the information and inspiration they need to follow fashion, visit fairs, and follow agency trends. Mastering international tastes also means knowing when a neutral palette is desirable and when a color gamble is desirable. But most importantly, they also have the ability to turn an initial idea into a concrete project and come up with a clear installation plan.

In the process of co-creation, Beaufort’s own design team gives them the opportunity to “think with you”.

Participation in the joint work of Beaufort led to the creation of a practical and meaningful design. The Terrazzo pattern harmonizes with the sophisticated material palette of fashion boutiques, allowing sports facilities and gyms to benefit from permanent markings such as gym dimensions and field and sports club boundaries.

The site-specific Beaufort project at the RAG school in Tel Apex, The Netherlands represents the age of the trees inhabiting the environment.

Form and function on request

In collaboration with Van Mane of Wart Architecture, an original site-specific design was created on the floor of the RAG school in Tel Apex, The Netherlands. “The school is in the middle of a tree-rich environment, and these trees are part of the concept of the building and the interior,” explains architect Maris Reject. “The patterns represent the annual circle of trees. Together with the leaves on the walls and the blue hues of the sky, they create a fresh and playful interior.” It’s also a way of defining scopes by feature. “With this large fountain, we were able to create a clear zone that naturally separates walking paths and living spaces.”

Printed in Slovenia by the Beaufort team of experts, this custom design features a colorful grid of pop art-inspired motifs that bring art down to earth.

Individual projects can have practical functions, but they can also be interesting new areas for creative expression. For example, in a candy-inspired design request, the Beaufort design team scanned several pounds of candy and handed them out to the team. ..But with all successful customization comes the experience and commitment that an experienced team brings to the process. So the endless options shouldn’t cause blind panic, they’re just exciting possibilities.

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