5 Essential Machine Features for Enhanced Productivity

5 Essential Machine Features for Enhanced Productivity
5 Essential Machine Features for Enhanced Productivity

1. Machine Rigidity: No matter the production volume required, part quality and accuracy are always essential. The most productive machines address these concerns outright with extra-rigid base castings and sophisticated thermal management

of key machine components, enabling sustained dynamic accuracy and repeatability that reduce and eliminate rework and scrapped parts.

2. High-Performance Spindles: A machine’s spindle must be able to encounter the toughest materials and processes. Productive high-performance spindle designs provide manufacturers with the speed, power and rigidity to take aggressive cutting approaches for the highest material-removal rates, no matter the application.

3. Rapid Chip to Chip: Every second spent changing tools, positioning tools and parts, and accelerating or decelerating a spindle is lost productivity. The most efficient and productive machine tools minimize these times, delivering competitive cycle times and maximum throughput.

4. Unattended Reliability: Reliability and maintainability are essential aspects to preventing unplanned downtime. Productive machines with superior design elements, such as one-piece way covers, stand up to the toughest production environments with minimal maintenance required.

5. Automation Integration: Machines built to accommodate the highest levels of productivity are designed for simple integration within automated systems. By combining a productive machine platform with automated capabilities, top shops are obtaining the highest levels of machine utilization, efficiency and reliability for the lowest achievable cost per part.

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